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I am new to Openwrt system and I have Rocket M2 (FCC ID: SWX-M2), but I did not find a specific version for my device. In fact, I am afraid to flash an image and brick the device. Would you please help me with the suitable image that I can install in my Ubiquiti Rocket M2?

It doesn't seem to be supported.

indeed it is supported.

there is a working ar71xx port. the ath79 port is not working at the point of writing.

latest working ar71xx is 19.07.07...tested minutes ago

You mean these images are working for the Rocket M2?


no, just the ar71xx. just tftp flash the factory image

the wiki page for the rocket m2 and similar device unfortunately is very short:

the ath79 port of the devices seems to have been added when the ath79 target was initially added, so maybe untested. commit 53c474abbdf was done by John Crispin @blogic in 2018

If someone wants to add the Rocket M2 to the ToH: Please create a new dataentry for this device.


See Applying for OpenWrt wiki account how to get a wiki account.


The page could be renamed to Rocket M, I didn't bother to create different entries for M2 and M5 in the end.
If anyone has further info on these devices, I can add it for you :slight_smile:


availability: are you sure it's discontinued? are the devices available for sale all of a newer variant?

Supported Since Rel: this device has been supported since 2009, so the version 17.01 in TOH is incorrect.

device page: the linked one is not correct. it's either https://openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/airmaxm or no link at all in my opinion.

First of it's illegal to sell the rocket m5 in the EU afaik. https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/issues/2070
Second these are the XM variants. They switched over to the XW boards and then the rocket m titanium and these days the rocket (m) 5AC (lite)

openwrt-17.01 was the earliest release I was able to select from the dropdown in the creation page :sweat_smile:
I just updated this to Kamikaze (8.09.2)

other devices from airmax also link to wrong device pages (they kind of shared the image during the ar71xx phase). the reason I selected this one, is that it provides the best installation instructions (that are missing on the airmax page)
I linked the airmax page in the comment field at the bottom for completion :slight_smile:
Of course we could untangle this mess, but these are old devices and my motivation to do this is limited (mostly because I never used these so I can only guess some stuff. Superficial knowledge is not the best condition to improve the wiki)

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huh, who would have thought.
These are still being sold after all these years, but (in Europe) only the m2.
(atleast if the vendors bothered to update the stats, when XW came out. If they didn't, then they are selling XW but with XM stats..)



I'll update the page again

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