U-boot for GoFlex Net

I liked your earlier version of that post better, "Did you click the link?"

No, "I was told never to click a link that was given to be by someone I didn't trust." :wink:

I already have done too much by even giving you the link.

So, let's think through this, something that you would be well served by doing yourself for a change

  1. You found the link yourself, as claimed
    a. The content was there -- You would have never started the thread
    b. The content wasn't there -- Any reasonable person would have said that it was missing

So now we can be pretty sure that you never went that far.

  1. You followed the link after being spoon-fed the answer
    a. The content was there -- You would have tried to install it
    i. It worked -- you wouldn't have asked
    ii. It failed -- given your history, you would have opened another thread, rather than trying to resolve it yourself
    b. The content wasn't there

So I have no need to click that link, and you have no need to ask me to. Now, as you've already been asked

Let's see, why don't you tell me two ways that someone could get a copy of the boot loader from the information you have, and that you have a build system running.

No, I don't troll on the FreeBSD boards, but given that it is my OS of choice for many things and have been using it for over 20 years. When you see a post related to another, niche OS you use, you are likely read it. When you see a familiar name and style, it sticks in your head. Regrettably, your style has a unique signature to it, repeated thousands of times, without exaggeration

I don't mean to offend you but... 2500+ messages on a FreeBSD forum yet you haven't yet tackled password-less ssh access? That baffles me..

Source https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/rsh.70178/