Unable to update GoFlex Net


Right now, what you are trying to do is well past your apparent understanding of Linux-based OSes in general, and OpenWrt in specific.

I think you would be greatly benefited by purchasing a well-supported device with a relatively fool-proof recovery method. I recommend something like the GL.iNet AR300M-Lite, which is now supported in snapshots[1]. That device has a very good U-Boot, for which GL.iNet has included a web-based method for flashing an image, without use of serial. It is available for under US$20.

Use of such a device will let you better understand how to manage and troubleshoot an OpenWrt system.

While not quite a "12 o'clock flasher", you should stay out of editing config files, configure only using LuCI, and never write to the raw MTD devices.

You should also plan what you what to accomplish. That you're fixated on connecting via ssh to a device that you have serial access to is puzzling. One with sufficient skill should be able to ssh/scp from the device to any other connected device, without needing an SSH server running on the device.

[1] The AR300M-Lite should generally not be flashed with the AR300M (no -Lite) firmware that has been available for some time now. As the AR300M-Lite has a single Ethernet port and the "no -Lite" version has two, the AR300M firmware on a -Lite version will, on first boot or reset to defaults, likely be unreachable. This can be recovered by flashing the proper firmware version through U-Boot over its web-based interface.