Trying to use Anonymized DNS with DNScrypty proxy v2 on openwrt router

i tested first to see if DNScrypt was working with the quad 9 serv i set , I disabled everything else, then i followed the instructions on how to setup Anonymized DNS

how i verified it was working was by going to the quad 9 tests site to see if my default isp dns had been changed to quad 9 and it said yes i am on quad 9

next i edited the toml file and added the section for Anonymized DNS and put in one serv and two relays and saved the file and restarted dnscrypt

to test if that is working i found these instructions:

"After applying above changes, restart the dnscrypt-proxy
service and check the logs and/or status - there should be the following information:"

[NOTICE] Anonymized DNS: routing everything via [anon-cs-fr anon-bcn] 

heres my log

as you can see in the pic i posted in the imgur link that my log looks quite different so i am assuming i messed up somehow

here is the guide i was following on how to set up Anonymized DNS

in this thread the problem seems to be resolved by changing the port on the listening address?
i could not reply to that thread and i wanted to ask the OP how was the new port number choose? does it need to match something or does it not matter, and where do i change that info at?, im still learning alot of this, thanks for any help, very much appreciated

Yes. [FATAL] No servers configured would be first place to start.

Essentially, your .toml is corrupt and your procd init script has failed to create a running instance.

Not relevant to your issue. By default dnscrypt-proxy2 listens on

I suggest you restart with a fresh OOB .toml and re-establish a functioning dnscrypt-proxy2 instance that sends your DNS queries via quad9 DNSEC server.

A How-to I wrote for a community build based on wiki installation on Openwrt

Only then add your relays to the .toml from the /etc/dnscrypt-proxy2/ file, or the DNS Stamp for the relay.

thank you for the reply, the github guide you linked is the one i followed to setup dnscrypt v2 on my router

i see you have some ways to test each step if its working, should i reset the router and start over?

as of right now im connected to the internet using this site now on my wrt router and when i check the quad 9 site is says im on quad 9 so it appears that dnscrypt is working its just the anonymized part that is not working or am i wrong about that?

here is pics of my toml

thank you for the help

the server_names is wrong, there is no quad9-, here's a list of valid dnscrypt-proxy2 public servers. Look for quad9 servers in the list and use whatever suits your needs.

i copied and pasted that from the quad 9 toml file on the quad 9 site, and when i use the quad 9 test site it shows that i am now using quad 9, so i think that the dnscrypt serv is working, its the anonymized part that is not working, i could totally be wrong this is just my assumption

here is what i pasted at the bottom of my toml file

urls = ["", ""]
minisign_key = "RWQBphd2+f6eiAqBsvDZEBXBGHQBJfeG6G+wJPPKxCZMoEQYpmoysKUN"
cache_file = ""
refresh_delay = 72
prefix = "quad9-"

looking at the doc

For example, if prefix is set to main and that list includes a resolver called example, the name main-example should be used as the resolver_names value instead of example.

quad9- is a prefix for the resolver names included in the list you defined.

Since Quad9 servers are included in the public resolver source you don't need the source you added. you just add the correct server name to server_names .

If you want to use all the servers and only those in the quad9 list, make sure you comment the public list source, and use server_name="*" for the anonymized portion of the config.

im confused what do i need todo?
i dont need the extra bit i pasted at the bottom ok, is quad9- as a prefix ok or do i need to change it?

i want to use the main offical quad 9 dnscrypt serv, just the one and then run it thru a few relays

use quad9-dnscrypt-ip4-filter-pri

ok thank you, do i edit that in both locations the main serv name section and the anonymized section correct?

yes, in both places

thank you so much for you detailed help, i do belive its working now, but what is this log line about firefox?

That is to be expected, I don't know exactly know what it does but if I have to guess they disable DOH on firefox by blacklisting

thanks so much for helping me get it working

originally when i followed the guide to setup dnscrypt v2 every step worked up until:

Edit /etc/config/dhcp:

config dnsmasq
# Ignore ISP's DNS by not reading upstream servers from /etc/resolv.conf
option noresolv '1'
# Ensures that /etc/resolv.conf directs local system processes to use dnsmasq and hence dnscrypt-proxy
option localuse '1'
# Disable dnsmasq cache because we don't want to cache twice and the dnscrypt-proxy cache is superior
option cachesize '0'

after applying these settings i had no internet connection at all so i reverted them, when i use dns leak checking sites now it does now show my isp IP so i am assuming that the isp resolvers are not being used, how would you recommend i verify that everything is working proper and my isp is not involved

also am i supposed to mark this thread as solved now or does someone else do that? thanks again you rock

See the GitHub issue relating to this.

You should reinstate these options now that you have resolved your faulty relay config.

You lost internet connection because dnscrypt-proxy crashed, and you were left without a dns resolver.

See above.

Yes, please.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: