Trying to install OpenWrt for TD-W8968 V3 on TD-W8968 v5 - "Image uploading failed. The selected file contains an illegal image."

I have a TD-W8968 v5 with the 170331 stock firmware.

Officially, OpenWrt only has an image for V3. I've read on old threads that people have had no problem using this image for the v4 or v5 hardware.

I tried flashing the firmware (Management -> Upgrade Firmware), but complains:

Image uploading failed. The selected file contains an illegal image.

There was a post which also mentions this issue, but did not understand the solution the person made:

change image name to a shor one like firm

Is there a way to successfully flash the image and not complain about it being "illegal"?

Based on the post, I'd say they got into some kind of web recovery, not stock fw.

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They guy (if I understood correctly) simply said to go to one of two IP addresses (for me,, log in, then go to the webpage which lets you pick the firmware image - which I did, and provided a screenshot.

Not simply, read the third post again.

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I'm not following.

Are you talking about the bit about turning off the router, keeping the reset button pressed, turn it on again, keep reset button pressed for 15-20 seconds, then release? All that did was make the router not show up on my computer (i.e. the router was on, the LAN LED was on, but the WLAN LED was not), then I had to turn off and on again normally, and pull out and back in the LAN cable for it to show up again.

Yes, this is what you must do. Then - you follow the next sentence:

  • WiFi is not enabled by default
  • Also, it's highly unlikely that WiFi works in firmware recovery
  • :warning: You need to use an Ethernet cable - WiFi will not work

Now I'm following!

Thank you for your patience! I assume what I am seeing now means it was successful.


Everything works, if you follow the instructions :slight_smile:

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