Contribution to the Community (TD-W8968 v5.0)

Hello everyone, this router (TD-W8968v5.0) recently came to my hands and I did not have support on the official website, I decided to open it and I found that it has the same parts as v3.0 with difference in the manufacturer of the RAM but has the same capacity (64MB)
RAM: ESMT M13S5121632A
WLAN: Broadcom BCM43217
So I decided to try the image for v3.0, it worked perfectly, for all those who have this router v5.0 please use the image without problems. :smile:


Hello @rafalee i Tried it but it doesn't work ; when i go to firmware upgrade and put the file it shows me this error message "Image uploading failed. The selected file contains an illegal image."
can you explain to me how you did it .thanks.

sure, try this:
change image name to a shor one like firm and there is a WEB page at or which may accept any firmware. To check that, turn off the router and then keep the reset button pressed and turn on the router while keeping the reset button pressed. Keep it pressed for around 15-20 seconds. Then when you release the button if the router does not reboot but stays there you can hook up a LAN cable and assign a static IP in the range of or and then launch your web browser and go to the above IP addresses according to whatever you set in the static IP. or It should show a WEB page asking for a firmware, try

hello @rafalee when i did as you told me the firmware passed correctly, but the internet is gone (the Led of Lan, ADSL and Internet are off) the only working led is power and wifi Led
the wifi work and i can access to and when i tried to configure to put PPOEA with user name and password but stil cant connect
please helpe to configure it or to turne back to original firmware

Finally i solve it i used these video to comback to the original firmware

Hello friend, the method I proposed is that I use it and I have that router working perfectly, maybe you put the wrong image, the router works perfectly for me, maybe yours is another version ... if you can upload photos from its board

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