Trustwave TS-25 quad port Atom E3845, wifi, USB3 on US eBay for $50 or less

(no, it isn't me selling them)

Good price, could be even less, depending on how much lower the seller would go.

Read more about it in Trustwave TS-25 wired router HW discovery
The one I have doesn't however have wifi, so I can't say anything about the radio.

There's no power adapter provided with the device, but it' uses a standard 12v DC plug.

But shipping+customs double the price easily for Eu at unless you live in the US...not that attractive...

There are ways around it, if you feel like having it shipped from US to EU, but I bought mine on DE eBay for 25€...

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Seller dropped price to $45 using ebay offer, auction still says $50.

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