Transparent OpenWRT running Cake, problems with bridging


I'm trying to do something pretty similar to this in a virtualized environment for testing: Transparent Cake Box

So I installed OpenWRT (1gb, 8 cores), stopped and disabled firewall and dnsmasq, added one management interface, one wan interface, one lan interface and one bridge interface to link both lan and wan

I can access it, change configuration and stuff, but traffic is not passing trough, where is my error?

Thanks, have a nice day.

Once you bridge two interfaces together, you only have one interface: the bridge. You cannot configure the interfaces separately and bridge them together.

When you bridge two interfaces together, traffic flows between them transparently, you cannot do traffic shaping.

Perhaps you need to forward traffic, but that is configured on the firewall, that you disabled.

Hi, thanks for your answer

I've read that SQM needs 2 interfaces to work and would not work if applied on the bridge, that's why I tried using two nics and a bridge

In the other thread the guy wrote that he disabled firewall and dnsmasq and bridged the two nics and applied sqm on LAN

Thats what i'm trying to do, is there any other approach to have a transparent box without using the firewall?


"The other thread" is quite long, could you please point to a specific post.

Anyway, once you bridge two interfaces, you have one interface, and SQM needs two of them...

Ok I found the problem, it was not OpenWRT configuration but in the Hypervisor that I use (Hyper-V)

For posterity: You from the future, if you are having problems with traffic not flowing trough the bridge when OpenWRT is virtualized in Hyper-V, enable mac address spoofing on bridged network interfaces, its on network adapters > advanced features

Edu, thanks for your help, have a nice day!

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