Transmission service will not bind to port

I've installed transmission-daemon, transmission-web, and transmission-remote. When I do service transmission start, there are no errors and service transmission status show running.

However, when I try to go to :9091 on the router, the web interface does not come up on either /transmission or /transmission/web, and indeed checking with netstat -tupln, nothing is bound to :9091.

If I launch transmission-daemon from the command line however, it does bind to :9091 and I can access it, however it doesn't seem to be reading from the uci settings.

.enabled in uci is 1, rpc_enabled is true. Both the download dir and the config at /etc/transmission are owned by the transmission user.

Which version of openwrt?

OpenWrt 21.02.1, r16325-88151b8303

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