Tplink mr6400 lte module

Hi guys
I'm a newbie fo openwrt... I ve tried to install openwrt for my lte router tplink Mr6400 via tftp but after that I cannot access 4g internet. In wan interface there is no protocol for 3g or umts connection (only PPP static addrss PPPoE DHCPv6 client UNMANAGED), I've tried to reverse to original firmware but all the information about ISP and 3 g connection are disappeared (it s alla blank).
send command throught Shh adb shell give me an error in device, rmmod option > device not loaded and no connection.
How can I get back my connection? Maybe I ve bricked LTE module?

I also can t flash/restore via webinterface of original firmware that give me an error

check out
and [SOLVED] Tplink mr6400 - 3g/4g sim interface

I ve read everything but without success
in interface protocol I don 't have 3g/umts

No idea? help!

if so you need install packages for the lte card, i don't dont remember the specific packages that you need.