TPLink Archer C7 v5 back to stock, stripped firmware?

I am trying to go back to stock, and the documentation seems to be a bit of a mess. Forum posts send me in link loops, but it seems the main thing is I have to "strip" the factory firmware because it's too large to flash using tftp. Of course, there is no where that says how to strip it, nor are there any stripped versions of the firmware anywhere I can find online. Do I just suck at Googling? Can anyone give me a quick and dirty lesson on this?

I'm also having a similar problem with my A7v5. I can't seem to be able to upload the stock TPLINK A7v5 firmware using the TFTP method. I see the transfer complete to 100% but the firmware doesn't take. A few seconds after the transfer I am seeing the router go straight back to OpenWrt. Did you ever find a solution to this problem ?