Tp-link wr940n v6 eu

my moden tp-link wr940n v6 eu, I installed openwrt software, there is no software option in system settings

Your device has only 4MB of flash storage, so there won't be much any room to install more packages.

What specific version of OpenWrt did you install? Where did you get the image? And what packages do you want to install?

What is the output of this:

ubus call system board
df -h

it doesn't matter, do you have installer software?

I tried from the site, the modem does not turn on when I install it

What did you download (what was the file name and where did it come from -- a link would be good)? how did you attempt to install OpenWrt?

Did the installation succeed?

Ok... so I see that your installation has succeeded and that you're running 21.02.3 (ath79/tiny).

What I was getting at here is that the opkg package management tool (i.e. "software") was removed from the firmware you're using because there wasn't even enough space to include it. There is literally no extra room -- so you cannot install any pacakges because the opkg tool itself was too big to fit on the device.

I tried every version from here, the software option does not appear

You should ask them... those are not official OpenWrt versions.

because there isn't enough space to even fit the "software" feature. Period. Your device is just too old and limited.

It's not that different than putting on a pair of shoes that is a bit too small... you take off your socks and maybe you can fit in, but it's an uncomfortable fit.

is there any old software you are using? or how can i install adblock

Not possible on your device.

What is the difference between them if I installed dd-wrt

DD-WRT is a very different firmware than OpenWrt. I don't know if they have Adblock. And if they do have Adblock, I don't know if it will fit on your device.

Which modem model can work stable, which one would you recommend?

You need a newer, more capable device if you want to run OpenWrt and Adblock.

Which modem are you using?

I have a lot of different hardware... but mine is not running Adblock, so it's not relevant to your needs.

The tl-wr940n-v6 is a wireless router, not a modem. It would probably help to look at hardware that is actually supported by OpenWrt (now, and in the future) - adblocking needs (beyond the mere storage for installing it) RAM, depending on the size of the blocklists easily beyond 512 MB…

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got it, thank you for the info

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