TP-Link TL-WR841N(D), WA701N(D), WR740N(D), WR741N(D), WR743N(D), WR940N, WR941N(D) - LADUS / JULIA / Ultra Lite / VPN builds


New builds are up.
JULIA build is now on kernel 4.4.46.

For next week update I will probably switch from dropbox to github.
I am considering dropping LADDUS builds.
Looks like we are close to getting kernel 4.9. Can't wait.

User feedback is welcome.


Finally i manage by myself my original art partition for v11.1 EU and now i get strong and stable signal without power loss on the time. From my original i get around 5/6 dbm more a very good result. But i use the openwrt v10 (loaded with the --force command) linked on my previus post, when i load hacked art and i go back with lede (lite or Ladus or julia) the power go down of about 3dbm. Then for now i stay with openwrt.
BTW the reghack is not include for sure on the Lite, i do it by myself manually.



Thanks for build. Updated now and everything OK.

Do you use Unpnp? Maybe you could help me.
Miniupnp is flooding my log file with this message:

"SSDP packet sender xxxxxxxxxxx not from a LAN, ignoring".

Isn't a problem from your build, it happens with amq builds too.



You have not provided enough informations for your problem.
Is the IP in the message local? What devices are connected? etc
There could be many reasons for those messages. Also, bigger part of the log is needed so I can see details.


Hi @hmd61551.

Solved the problem.
I disabled UnPnP in all repeaters and keep enabled only in the main router...
Everything fine now!



How to set dual color LED like the official firmware does?
WAN LINK Disconnected- Off


Builds are updated.
Next Sunday I will not be able to provide updates but they will come out a day later, on Monday 20.2.2017.


Thank's. downloaded and updated my router with lite version.


Hello @hmd61551.

Thanks for the update.



Hi @hmd61551 .

Are you planning to keep LADDUS build update?
IĀ“m thinking to give a try to this build instead of JULIA build (want to test Adblock).



Can you do a Ultra Lite Build with OpenVPN / DDNS / PPTP
Please :slight_smile: but apart from that great build.

Also is your Ultra Lite Build bugged? i cant install anything although there is a fair bit of space.


Builds are updated.
17.01 branch is now on 4.4.50 kernel.

Next week updates will also be late but after that I will be back on releasing updates on Sundays.

For now, all builds are going to be updated. :slight_smile:

@ykno You could not install anything because those packages were newer and were built against newer versions of packages. Update to the latest Ultra Lite build and try again. Also if the packages you try to install require IPv6 support I do not think it will work. This build is just for simple usage. :wink:
I could try OpenVPN/DDNS/PPTP build but I dont think there is enough space. Also I can not test all those features so I will not be able to guarantee that it will work. Which hardware version do you have?


@ykno I was able to build image with OpenVPN, DDNS and PPTP and I think there is also space for SQM. IPv6 is disabled .
If you want to test it, give me your hardware version and I will send you a download link.

If more people are intersted in this kind of build, let me know, I could upload images for all hardware versions.


@hmd61551 Thats great cheers, Yeah SQM would be great if you can squeeze it in and going to be a little cheeky and ask if you can squeeze in a theme for Luci like LuciXEyE that would be amazing and me sorted for my current network needs. But like I said remove what ever you can that is not need to make router work like IPv6 in order to fit the needed features in the image. as OpenVPN, DDNS and PPTP and SQM would be only things I will ever need to use really :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah I dont mind doing all the testing of the feature for you to make sure its a working build, My hardware version is v7 :slight_smile:


@ykno I will not implement any other theme that is not officially supported. Also every other theme is too heavy so I only install default theme in my builds.
SQM was squeezed with OpenVPN (mbedtls), DDNS, PPTP :slight_smile:


Report the results :wink:



Thanks for the build

My ISP need PPPOE and I need Adblock
I don;t have a choice here

Please include PPPOE in LADDUS if possible

Thank you


I have not removed PPPOE from LADDUS.
I will check it.

** EDIT: I just checked and ppp, kmod-pppoe, ppp-mod-pppoe and luci-proto-ppp are included in LADDUS.
Are you sure that you downloaded correct build?


Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't test the pppoe yet. Will try it out soonest I can.

Been playing with SQM.
Notice the upload and download are switched and it doesn't work well with LAN port if configure SQM in wlan0

The router hung after some heavy bounding with speed test.

I suspect the CPU overheating as the the CPU load is high and hard rebooting immediately will not work. Need to wait for 10 seconds then it will be back to normal


@hmd61551 Dosnt work cant get on to any internet site or ping them. which is really weird as the ultra lite build works 100% perfectly for me so cant see how adding openvpn ddns and pptp stops it working :confused:

Can we try the Ultra Lite Build with OpenVPN, DDNS and PPTP and leave out SQM? I dont think I need it with 200mbps and just me who hits it hard and only 2 total people who use it lol


Are you sure you configured everything correct?
How do you use pptp and openvpn at the same time? Maybe if you explain your configuration I could see what is the problem.

I updated the build and it is without SQM. Use the same link in previous post.