TP-Link TL-WR841N(D), WA701N(D), WR740N(D), WR741N(D), WR743N(D), WR940N, WR941N(D) - LADUS / JULIA / Ultra Lite / VPN builds


Thanks so much LADAS!

Bricked my WR841N when trying to compile DDNS build myself, but now back online after finally getting TTL -> USB and found your builds! You are a legend!!! :heart_eyes:


Thank's hmd61551, I use yours Julia version and all seem to be fine, i use the wr841 as AP(wds) in couple with a Cpe210 (lede too) as client(wds). I disable from startup dnscrypt-proxy, miniupnpd and firewall.
Is possible to have a very lite version?


@pra @peppeve
Initial "lite" build is up and you can check it out at the bottom of the first post.
It is based on 17.01 branch.


I'm testing it. I keep update you. Is possible to apply the 30dbm hack on you're firmware? I have the v11. There is some reference in this post


Hi Hmd61551,

You really rock, many thanks for giving new life to our wr841 routers! Very appreciated.

I've checked the unpnp, it works flawless on Ubuntu, I have a problem only with the program Amule, but it's a program incompatibility with the latest unpnp libraries, not a bug of unpnp itself ;).
Every other program I used works perfect with unpnp version of your releases.

I would like to give a try also to your Lite version, but I didn't understand what is the features list: no ipv6, no Adblock unpnp?, dncrypy? SQM? QOS?

Thanks again for your builds,


U-boot and art are not set as writable so I don't think it is by default.
I could compile images with u-boot and art set as writable and then it should be possible. I just could not find hacked art for other device versions, just for v9. Is it the same for all devices?
Reghack is already implemented in all my builds.
Writable u-boot could be used for flashing U-boot mod on v8,9,10,11 and writable art for writing hacked art with mtd.
I have only one device and it is v7 and I can not afford playing with this and taking a risk :blush:
I could make build with writable u-boot and art but I could not guarantee for them not bricking your device.
If anyone is interested in this kind of builds, leave a comment or suggestion.

You could try contacting Amule developers or file a bug report :wink:
Ultra lite version is stripped down and only basic features are added.
This is what I did:

  • Removed kernel debugging
  • Stripped unnecessary exports from the kernel image and unnecessary functions from libraries
  • Compiled with gcc 6.3
  • Disabled IPv6
  • squashfs block size set to 1024 Kib
  • Reghack (WiFi channels 12 and 13)
  • Installed LuCI with default theme and ppp/ppoe included
    As result sysupgrade images are only 3.1MB in size.


i think that v9 and v11 have same hardware then the art partition should be the same, you can give me v9 partition i can check if it is the same of my v11 version.


I do not have the v9 partition, I only found hacked here


I have my original v11 art partition saved from my router, can be usefull?


I do not know how to edit it.
Maybe someone else knows and would be able to help you.


By the way yours Lite version is running from 14 hours without problem.


Solved, i apply the hached art partition, now my AP is able to give 30dbm, i don't now if is real 30dbm but for sure i get more more strong signal that help me on my 150 meter link without LOS.
A very good toy this wr841 payied just 17 euros on Amazon.


Did you apply v9 hacked art partition?


Yes i follow this post is for v10 version but the hacked partition is the same for v9, v10 and i can confirm all go fine on my v11.1 too.



Is it possible to insert this hack for all hardware versions to LADUS, LADDUS and Lite releases?

hmd61551, it would be fantastic :heart_eyes:


Yes you can use, but i go back to my original Art because after a couple of hours the power follow down, now with my original art i get strong power.


I will not implement this in my builds because, in my opinion, it could cause problems for people who do not know how to use this. Also, I don't think the art is the same for all hardware versions. I compared v9 and mine which is v7 and they are different. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.
Another reason for not implementing this in my builds is I do not have all hardware versions to test this. I test all my builds before uploading.
Not worth the risk in my opinion.


Thanks peppeve, so I understand that the hack is not useful in the normal daily use?



Testing this week.
A little instabillities on my network, but nothing big...

Waiting for your weekend schedule update.



I forgot to thanks you again.