TP-Link RE200 v1 seemingly bricked after sysupgrade

I have a TP-Link RE200 v1 extender running OpenWrt for the past few years. The device seems to be "bricked" after flashing the sysupgrade file for 23.05.3 (it was running 22.03.6). I selected the default option to "preserve" system settings. I waited ten minutes and when the Wi-Fi didn't come back, I did a hard reset. It didn't work. I tried a few more times, and it doesn't seem to work at all. The power indicator is on (does not blink), and when I insert an ethernet cable that indicator also turns on. But there is no connection and I can't login to LuCI.

You need to do firstbootYou need to enter failsafe mode in failsafe mode and do factory reset as detailed:
vendor reset like powerring on holding button is vor OEM firmware, not OpenWRT

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Thanks. I tried two of the methods to enter failsafe mode but am unable to do it. The indicator doesn't blink at all, it immediately turns on and stays on.

wiki> Flashing this relatively big file takes some time, so be patient.
if you were not it bricked.

Basic behaviour is that LED switches off when OpenWRT kernel starts, then blinks fast while failsafe prompt appears, then blinks slow while init scripts proceed, then stays on when OpenWRT is running.

There is nothing you can do, as wiki indicates you need serial connection (5cm from mains power :zap:) to trigger tftp recovery.

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dang...never had this problem before. i thought ten minutes would be sufficient but apparently not. i am now scared of upgrading my main router which has been on openwrt since lede 17.xx.

Ooomph... Check if vendor recovery is reachable without serial there...

seemingly not lol. there is something about a "serial console" that requires opening the case and is beyond my rudimentary skills. little thing had a good run.

I'm not sure if the RE200 actually works with 23.05. I received a similar report a few days ago via E-Mail, but that was an initial installation.

I do not use my RE200 v1's anymore, but I've got two or three that are already open somewhere in the basement. If I don't forget, I can check on the weekend with serial console what's going on here.

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oh well i should have just stayed on 22.03 haha

It works (v4 hw) but flasing took over 20min
besides it never worked right.

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23.05.2->3 upgrade took 800 missed pings, slightly more seconds