TP-Link Archer MR600 exploration

So, does anyone know what the differences between the MR600's hardware version V1 and V2 are? Could it be easy to adapt the V2 image to work on the V1?
It's definitely not like they are a completely different device or have a different CPU/whatever...

Because by just flashing the V2 image on the V1 I'll get a brick, right?

When looking at the official TP-Link forum I can only see that software changes are mentioned: in the V2 you can select the LTE band, and IPSec VPN is gone.
I'm curious if there are actually any hardware changes that would require tweaks for OpenWRT to run properly...

I'm not sure if the V2 is in "working&done" state, huh. Can someone summarize what should be done to flash it correctly?