TP-Link Archer MR600 exploration

Does anyone experience 5Ghz wifi spontaneously getting freezed i.e. the device is connected but has no internet access until another device connects to the same ssid. Facing this on all the stable and snapshot builds. At the same time, 2.4Ghz works without any freezes in connectivity.

Finally backported v22.03.4 for the device and 5ghz is running fine till now!

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Can someone please provide a guide on how to flash this device?

there is a video on youtube. you can find the link in this thread.

With v23.05.2 now available for this device, including a factory image, is it still a requirement to install via serial port? There is no mention of it on the firmware-selector page.

Also, have the wifi issues noted earlier in the thread been rectified in this version?

I feel compelled to share my experience, particularly around the Wi-Fi performance which has been far from satisfactory. The range and speed have deteriorated significantly post-installation, making the Wi-Fi functionality practically unusable. Devices are experiencing random disconnections, which was not an issue before.

anyone else having the same issues?

Everybody is facing the same issue and sadly there isn't a fix yet.
Developers could help in fixing this issue.

Ofcourse it is a necessity! Serial access is the only way to flash a firmware on mr600v2.

Hi, are there any updates on support for the MR600 V1? I could help if needed, but I don't know how to develop OpenWRT :frowning:

Also, why hasn't anyone made a WebUI update image yet? From the discussion it seems like it is very simple to repack OpenWRT into the binary format used by TPLink.

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Finally got the 2.4Ghz to work at full strength!! No weak wifi signal issue with Openwrt built with proprietary drivers.

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Next on the list is 5Ghz.

i have already asked about it with no clear answer :slightly_frowning_face:

How did you do that btw?

The eeprom is not configured properly for our device, which is causing the problem.

For now I am using eeprom bin of another device which is based on mt7603+mt7613 and both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz are working great!

Wifi signal strength is back to normal!

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Could you please share how did you do that?

Download the bin file in the link:-

Here are the instructions:-

  1. Install package "kmod-mtd-rw", and execute insmod mtd-rw i_want_a_brick=1.
  2. Upload the file I sent to you to the /tmp directory with some SCP tools such as WinSCP on Windows.
  3. Execute "mtd write /tmp/*.bin radio" to write the radio file.
  4. Do a factory reset and reboot.


Credit goes to - @DragonBluep for the bin.

Otherwise I was compiling proprietary drivers for our device(compilation for mt7603(2.4GHz) was successful).

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I am curious if anyone's MR600 v2 wireless can work properly. If not, perhaps we should push a patch to the OpenWrt mainline.

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could you resend the file? it expired on filebin

I uploaded it there -

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there is new publication of kernel v23.05.3. This is the same compilation as you did?