TP-Link Archer MR600 exploration

Hi all,

Recently acquired this device to replace a Xiaomi MIR3G + USB LTE dongle combo. The proprietary web interface is better then when I last used TP-Link products (back in the days of the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND) but still nothing near as useful as LuCI and very limited.

So I have been digging around on the internet for some information but it has been sparse to say the least. It has an 1.0 GHz Qualcomm CPU according to the manual and that's about it. Looks like it's an IPQ8062 SoC but taking a look at the board should confirm that.

Did look at opening the unit but that is not as easy as removing a couple of screws. The base and top look like a cohesive unit. Probably uses a latch mechanism at the top but have not tried using a spatula.

Has anybody else opened up their unit?

Edit: since the case is 99% certain to be the same as the MR200 case, it can be opened using this procedure


So, MediaTek MT7621.

That's odd since the datasheet explicitly says on page 2 it has a Qualcomm CPU.

However, mt7621 can be clocked at 1 GHz :confused:

I got this since the specs look nice, but the sw is really lacking. Would really like to put OpenWRT on it, can I help by like... adding info? Would be nice not tpo brick it also :wink:

If you have info about the chipset, yes please :slight_smile:
Have not found the time to open my unit to see what lives under the hood. The case is almost 99% sure the same as the one on the MR200, which can be opened as via the procedure listed here

I'll see what to do - I'm waiting right now to see if I can return the piece of shit (due to SW being crap...). If not, I could likely open it up...

What kind or what kinds of problems do you have with it?

Well the major and only issue I have is that you can only run a OpenVPN server on this software, I need to connect to my server at home (ok, I could work around this, but really I dont want to).
Secondly, there not many DDNS services to use.

HW is nice - I can get some 150/50 over LTE :slight_smile:

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Alright, so I opened up my unit, damaging the case slightly in the process (couple of broken of tabs + bent plastic grey thing in the front).

I can confirm that the LTE modem is a Qualcomm one:
The chipset is covered in a large heatsink and an RF shield with a thermal pad sandwiched in between. Stumped as to how to remove the shield :thinking:

Any updates here? I'm not a developer (well not hardware anyway), but holy crap do I see security concerns with existing software..

Didn't have the time so, no unfortunately.