TP-LINK Archer Mr200 v4 installation

I'm trying to follow this guide for installing OpenWrt on a TP-LINK MR200

and wondered if anyone has had any success with this metthod, which appears to be the only method of installing it. As I undestand it, all you need to do is to prepare a TFTP server with a particular IP address and with a particular file in the TFTP server's root directory, and the router will automatically install the new firmware image.

What I'm unsure about is which firmware image do I use?

Is it this:-

renamed as ArcherC2V1_tp_recovery.bin on the TFTP server.

Do I simply attach the TFTP server to the router via a LAN cable, and the router will automatically connect? Can't figure out how it will find it with an IP address of

the TFTP client in the router will poll for the image, your TFTP host needs to use it (the IP).

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The problem now is where do I get ArcherC2V1_tp_recovery.bin ?

Or should I just rename an OpenWrt file to this name?

And is it this one?

You should be able to just rename the sysupgrade file

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The device page has the information you need.

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The page may well be complete, but I have this knack of misinterpreting what is written,

I've now read the page several times and am ready to bite the bullet.

At what point do I know whether I have succeeded or bricked my router?

when it does/doesn't come back within a reasonable amount of time ... :wink:

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Am I correct in thinking that I should be able to ssh into OpenWrt if I've succeeded? Because I don't see any difference when I log on....

Maybe my TFTP server isn't working properly...

Yes, ssh should work.

Your tftp server should show the file being requested.

If it didn't work, make sure you've disabled the firewall in the system hosting the TFTP.


Don´t forget to use " Netmask as " value.

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I suspect the problem might be due to me using FreeBSD's native TFTP Server.... I think I'll install TFTP-HPA and see if it makes any difference.

Thanks, I did manage to figure out that '/23' translated to ''.

One day I will delve into netmasks, but their significance has managed to bypass me so far...

I'm finding it difficult to interpret the exact sequence of

"Turn on the device while pushing the WPS button until the WPS light turns on."

Does this mean switch on the power and when the power light is on press and hold the WPS button until the Wi-Fi light is steady? (There is no such thing as a WPS light). When do I release the WPS button?

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it means push the button, and switch it on while pushing it.

when to release it is more kind of a trial and error, unless someone can provide more exact guidance.

WPS Light is between Ethernet and Signal, sixth symbol from the left

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It seems I have a different model. Mine looks more like this:-

In that case, verify it's still v1, if not, you might brick it.

Version should be listed on the sticker underneath it.

Model: Archer MR200(EU) Ver. 4.1

Unfortunately it looks like there are many variations of the Archer MR200 and the guide does not mention if it only works on specific models.

It specifically sais v1, don't count on it working on any other version.

For all we know, and I haven't checked, v4 might be running on a completely different hw platform.

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