Tp-link Archer MR200 probably bricked (I'm not sure)

Hi guys, I've a problem with my archer mr200.

I was trying to install LEDE (since openWRT is not supported) through this "how-to":

but after the reboot the modem shows no activity, just one led is "active" (only when the ethernet cable is connected to the modem).

The rest of the led is off.

Can I do something to fix it?

openwrt is supported. try this file
write using TFTP recovery found here
Make sure you have version 1 (V1) device

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I'm trying right now but how could I know if it's working or not? I mean, if it's flashing with the recovery.bin

Btw, yeah it's the V1 (I checked the router's back).

Please don't install firmware from unknown sources!

The link to current firmware for the device, can be found here:

Tried with the firmware from tp-link but it didn't work, maybe the pc doesn't read anymore the router :frowning:

I suggest you use the serial port to read the device output. The file which I provided is for use with the TFTP recovery method. It contains the bootloader and openwrt 18.06.1 which is needed for proper recovery flashing, if you use the wrong file you will end up with a soft bricked router, and it will be harder to recover.

Please read the how to recover with TFTP recovery in the link I provided above

Thanks guys for the help but I decided to give up, today I received a new router and I've already installed openWRT.

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