Unable to activate 4G/3G modem part on D-Link DWR-921 V_C3

Hi guys, I performed the installation of openWRT on my dwr-921 C3 but now I can't enable the lte modem part to navigate the internet.

I followed the instructions:

The DWR-921 has an embedded LTE modem. The following instruction describe how to enable the wireless network connectivity.

To enable the wireless network connectivity the following UCI command shall be executed once:

uci set network.wwan=interface 
uci set network.wwan.proto='wwan' 
uci set network.wwan.apn='<your provider apn>' 
uci set network.wwan.pincode='<your sim pin code>'
uci set network.wwan.auto='0' 
uci commit network

please replace the placeholder with your real data.

uci set firewall.@zone[1].network='wan wwan wan6' 
uci commit firewall

and at the next reboot you can enable/disable the connection using the following commands:

ifup wwan / ifdown wwan

But since there is also a password and an username for the APN connection I don't know how to activate it.

Can you guys please help me?

Thanks for the attention.


Did you got this solved?


Hi friend did you managed to find the solution to this problem i am also using dwr 921 c3 yesterday install openwrt and now unable to use sim card 4g mode.