TP-Link Archer C7 V5 can't connect after installation

Hey guys, I just got this router and wasn't happy with the speeds i got and decided to flash openwrt, which ran like a charm via FW upgrade in the stock UI, used 18.06.2 factory, not upgraded.

Opened up the interface and couldn't get it to connect ( I use a PPoE connection ) via WAN and like the idiot I am, i set the LAN as PPoE and after it restarted, I couldn't open the interface via

Is the Failsafe my only chance now? I don't know how to work with such software, any recommendation would be welcome.

I would like to restore it to stock and try connecting it again, if it doesn't work, I'd flash the OEM FW and return it to store, I doubt I can return it in this state.

Thank you!

As you want to reset everything anyway, do a pushbutton reset. Allow OpenWrt to boot up fully. Press and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds then release. After a few seconds all the lights should blink off and the router reboot (this reboot will take longer than normal). It will then have default settings.


Unfortunatelly, i still can't connect with the IP.

Did all the lights blink and restart after you pressed the button?

Only the power LED, no other leds are lit. Even now, I can see the power led and the corresponding LAN port lit.

I'm not positive about the V5 but is there a "gear" LED next to the power LED? That one should blink while booting then come on steady.

Nope, 2.4ghz led is near power on V5

I did reset an Archer C7 v5 once and when I remember right the router will just reboot and load the old config if the reset button isn't pressed long enough.

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Isn't pressed long enough? When, as in after you turn it on, or?

Can you try to press the reset button for 30 seconds or longer?

Sure, but after i power it up or even now when it's on?

Let the router first completely boot up and then press the button. It definitely should work.

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2mins and nothing...

EDIT: got the power led flashing super fast now

2 minutes should be more than enough. Are you connected to one of the LAN ports via cable?

I guess you flashed OpenWrt via TFTP? Is your TFTP server still running?
Could be that the router is flashing the firmware again.

No, i flashed it via router's webUI

IDK how to use SSH, telnet or TFTP, if I knew, I'd probably restored it to factory from that.

EDIT: yes, using one of the lan ports for connection.

That's fine.

What's the current status of your router?
Do you use DHCP or a static IP address on your PC?

It keeps on flashing ( just the power led, lan one is off )
Using DHCP

Usually this works flawlessly. In your case I would try to reboot the router one last time(without a reset) and if there isn't any change you still can try to reinstall the firmware via TFTP.

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Same as before i'm afraid.

Can you try to give your PC a static IP?