TP-Link Archer C7 Router AC1750 V2 Gigabit Througput Possible?

Hi, I run an TP-Link Archer C7 Router AC1750 V2 with OpenWRT since 2017.
Recently, I got an Internet connection upgrade from 200Mbit to 1Gbit.
After that I realized that my setup is not capable of full utilize the Gigabit connection.
I was able to get better throughput by updating to the latest stable OpenWRT and enabling Software Flow Offloading, now reaching more or less around 600 Mbit.

Is it possible to get even better results with the Archer C7?

Some people suggest it might bepossible, but I wanted to ask if someone has successfully achieved that and maybe has a good tutorial how to actually do that:

yes. OC to 1000MHz. Overclocking Router Devices

I can't claim to have read thoroughly about this, but unless you acutally need speed faster than what you already reached (or if you are to run some other services that are going to affect the speed or make the SoC reach its current limit with its design frequency), overclocking may shorten the life of your device.

Yes I get 900 down. I'd recommend the build. I can get 900 down on ethernet. Wifi I haven't gotten more than 350 down and I'd be curious if more tuning is possible as I'm CPU limited, but I'm happy with the tweaks so far.

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Try without encryption see if WiFi still same speed?

It might be slightly faster. Iā€™m thinking next step is over clocking on the WiFi but that does make me a bit nervous because some people said they have fried their c7s.

Who? I've been wanting to oc to 1ghz but no time and spirit knowledge to set up building environment.....

There were a few other threads. It is worth a shot though. And it doesn't require compiling your own build apparently, just using this Chinese bootloader.

May I ask how do get this number? I have the same router and would like to do a similar test ahead of installing OpenWRT.

I'm just using Ookla speedtest app on Windows 10 on my P52 Lenovo laptop. I flashed then enabled SFE offload, and disabled IPV6 everywhere I could. Wi-Fi isn't as fast though (350-380 Mb/s is best I can get down).

I prefer open source Chinese bootloader isn't open source....... Thx

~350 Mbps on 5GHz seems to be the best it can do, NAT or not.

And AFAIK, Atheros SoC has AES engine built-in, so I doubt if overclocking will make a difference.


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