Confusing note about TP-Link Archer C7 Router AC1750 V2

There's a yellow notice on this page noting that OpenWRT should not be installed on Archer C7 V2. Scrolling down, this can be seen:

The WLAN↔LAN throughput of Archer C7 2.0 with OpenWrt Chaos Calmer RC3 was measured to be substantially lower than that of the native firmware.

At the same time there's a different page dedicated to Archer C7 v2.0, e.g. It has no notes about perf issue.

Besides, there are many forum topic dedicated to v2. Here's a recent example – TP-Link Archer C7 Router AC1750 V2 Gigabit Througput Possible?

My question is – is that note outdated, or not applicable to newer versions of OpenWRT, or did I misunderstood something about it?

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Chaos Calmer is outdated version of OpenWrt.
But the device is old and the cpu won't easily handle hundreds of megabits without the hacks that are mentioned in the forum topics.

@trendy thanks, I noticed too that the quoted message refers to an old version of OpenWRT.

Do you think it makes sense to copy the note to too?

If you ask me, it should not even occupy any space in the page for a version obsolete 5 years ago.