TP-Link Archer AC1200 v3

I just bought an Archer AC1200 because it was listed in OpenWRT's table of supported hardware. However, it's a V3.0 device, and OpenWRT doesn't seem to support that yet. Has anybody run across this yet? The factory firmware image contains the special strings:

{product_name:Archer C1200,product_ver:3.0.0,special_id:00000000}
{product_name:Archer C1200,product_ver:3.0.0,special_id:55530000}
{product_name:Archer C1200,product_ver:3.0.0,special_id:43410000}

Is it possible to install OpenWRT on this? If not, I suppose I'll return it and get something else.


Does anyone know the answer?

I also bought an AC1200 v3 recently and would like to use openwrt on it.

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Check if the Archer C5 AC1200 v3 is supported


Unfortunately, Archer C1200 v3.0 does not appear in the list of supported devices.