Totolink x5000r new flash chip

Hello and thank you in advance,

I have just purchased 2 Totolink x5000r.

in anticipation of the problem with the flash chip described on the hardware page

I checked the installed flash chips on both devices.

Apparently the manufacturer has changed the installed flash chip again.
Both devices have the following chip.

This is obviously not the chip from the hardware side
nor the one from the flash chip thread

Date of quality control

So I am looking for suggestions on how to go about installing OpenWrt.
I hope I haven't missed any previous thread on this topic.

Thanks again in advance.

Hello all,

I have successfully installed openwrt on my Totolink x5000r.

The normal "openwrt-22.03.5-ramips-mt7621-totolink_x5000r-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin" works fine.
So no additional work is needed, even if it is a different flash chip.

Maybe the info should be added to the Totolink x5000r hardware page, that there different flash chips are used and are working with the normal openwrt.

So not only:
Flash chip Eon EN25QH128.

But also:
Flash chip XMC 25QH128CHIQ.

So this thread can be closed.

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