TL-WR841N v13 WiFi not stable?


@julianocs, I can verify that the closed-source driver build does not work.

It appears that as ra0 is pulled up, the router restarts. I'm trying to find a stacktrace currently.


yes but does this firmware you have made or the original that the russian guy did, work with sqm and cake\piece of cake? if qos doesnt work with a binary blob\proprietaray driver then its useless for my needs. does anybody know if it works. the russian siad that some features wouldnt work. im assuming qos is one of them

and again appreciate your work


@gtsatsis have you tried the close sourced driver that the russian guy did? it works but he said some features wont work i think


@nozombian does the russian guys firmware support qos and cake\piece of cake. i know he said some features wouldnt work and im wondering if 3rd party qos support is one of those. without proper qos support its kind of useless to me. not worried about KRACK vulnerability btw


Hello @bobhumplick

As i said, i did not test the firmware yet, but i included SQM in the builder.
It should work.


Tomorrow, when i install on my router, i'll tell you if the behavior will be the same as yours.
If you find out anything until tomorrow, you let me know.



Can't get the closed source thing to work. It builds but:

a) module has to be loaded by hand, modprobe mt7628.ko gives failed to "mmap /lib/modules/4.14.88/mt7628.ko"

b) mt7628.ko file has 0 size. That probably means there is not binary blob for this kernel version (4.14.88) on nossiacs site, and that Makefile should be modified to force download for other binary blob that could be (or not) compatible with kernel 4.14.88

c) No /etc/config/wireless file, I guess wificonf has to be used instead but having 0-size kernel module, it would be moot to try it.



I got some free time and I installed the firmware on my router.
The behavior is the same as @gtsatsis.

The .ko file was created correctly, but the driver did not load automatically.
After you manually load it and start the interface, the router restarts.

I will keep trying.



ok thank you. my question was more theoretical about how closed source drivers work with openwrt. i didnt know if the kernel or the sqm script could interact with it. once again thank you for your work. im actually doing setup where i have wifi turned off on a tplink and another with factory firmware set in access point mode. the 3 major users of internet are on ethernet and the rest dont matter so much. but if somebody had to run everything on wifi then this setup wouldnt work because the ap would become the bottleneck and would need qos itself. the factory firmwares bandwidth control isnt bad either but it doesn work in AP mode. i think its baesed on the older fcodel. butin other words i dont really need it to work i was just curious. but i could try it on a second tplink 841n i have



I found a way to compile the latest mt76 open-source drivers with latest Openwrt snapshot build.

I installed on my router just now, if somebody else wants to try, the images were uploaded on my Pcloud account.

It seems much more stable. And now the TX power works.



can i apply vlan on it ?



A new driver was released today.
I made a new build ( for me, it´s worst than previously )... Anyway, it´s on my pCloud.

Yes... I´m only making these builds because OpenWrt buildbot it´s "buggy" for mt76x8 .
I never move into anything that is in the default build, i just add the applications i need.




Thanks a lot for sharing, I've been having the same problems with my Archer C20 v4, can I use one of your builds with this router?

Cheers, Jonathen


Hello @jonathen.

I will try to include your router in the next releases.




I compiled a new build now...
Driver date: 31/12/18

I add your router.



It's been a while since I flashed my TL-WR841N v13, last time I flashed the firmware from the wiki I think, didn't work well. I see that there has been a lot of development since, but still I can't really see any enthusiasm. Are any of these builds stable or is the original FW still the best option?

Thanks for all the effort.



I had problems with 31/12/18 driver.
So i compiled now the last Openwrt snapshot, with 28/12/18 driver (wich i do not had problems).

It´s on my pCloud.



@julianocs Thanks a lot!
I have still to test it further, but so far it looks very stable, more so than the original FW.
It's amazing how buggy it was just a couple months ago in contrast to this, very good.

Question: is there a way to toggle the access to the fail-safe (webGUI) without credentials or without physical access? As I understand it this can be disabled at buildtime, yet I understand why it would be useful at this point in time, but it's worrying that someone without root can reboot and, worse, flash a new firmware image with not credentials. Is there any sloppy workaround through SCP or by adding some parameter to the startup script?



On that note, using the reboot function in LuCI, resulted in this error after the reboot:

/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:507: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'pairs'
	/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:507: in function 'createtree'
	/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:220: in function 'dispatch'
	/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:112: in function </usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:111>

A powercycle resolved the issue though.


Thanks for the feedback @ner0

I have the same concern as you about Luci fail-safe.
I will remove in the next build.

About this error in LuCI, i will check out...



Hello @ner0.

I compiled a new version today.
I removed Luci Fail-Safe.