TL-WR840N V6 Frimware

is there any chance to make new firmware for TL-WR840N V6?

or install V5 on V6 ???

I buy a new TL-WR840N V6 but I can't use OpenWrt :frowning:

please help me :frowning:

Hi. Welcome.

Check this

But even if it could work, this device had very limited Flash space (and probably RAM too if it's only 32 MB), which makes it unsuitable for OpenWrt and definitely not something you would buy new to install OpenWrt on.

I would suggest that you return it and get a more suitable one.

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thank you, sir, for replay

is there any chance to make specially for V6?

I very much doubt that. Devices with 4 MB Flash or 32 MB RAM have limited resources that make them very unattractive target for OpenWrt, if at all possible.

In fact expect that some of the already supported devices like these to start being dropped off from support for the next releases, as the storage space is very limited and the software size grows with every release.

The minimum requirements for convenient use is said to be 8 MB flash / 64 MB RAM, with 16 / 128 probably being recommended to work smoothly for a good few years, especially if you buy new.

If you are in budget, then you can get a used one 8 / 64 maybe. Available devices bay by country, so you may see what's easily available where you are, then check the table of hardware for info about it to see if it's supported or has issues before you buy. You can also search the forum or ask people about the device.


So if it's bit offecially supported, it's very unlikely that it will ever be. Having said that about offecial support for these limited device, this doesn't prevent someone from making unofficial build for such device on their own. But the same limitation applies, so it will give you hard time to port, will not allow you to install much of packages if any.

So really return it if you can and get a used one with better specs for the same price. But check if it's week supported before you buy.

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dear mhegab

my problem is, I can't return it back ! :frowning:

I need this custom ROM :frowning:

Well, you could check with the guys in the other topic to see if it worked weight problems.

But keto in mind that the limited flash space well make it almost impossible to install additional packages to add functionality. (I don't know if you can have extroot or not).

I understand pooya question... sometimes it's not just simple "buy a better one" or "put a little more money to get a better one". Here in Brazil, we don't have that much of a choice, for starter, every electronic thing here are usually double the price, and when you check online stores to buy them, you usually get only the cheapest options available. TP-Link are incredibly "smart" of launching new version of the very same hardware, or, most of the time, they downgrade the hardware but create a better case so people think it's a better product. If you get the 740 version for instance, those versions were a lot better than some "new" devices they are flooding the market here, they even do tailor made equipment for the Brazilian market.

I run with some friends a small lab for testing network environment at my university and we had a very small funding and we got crazy to buy the equipments. Our choices were a third of what we wanted of good devices or the number we needed in the second hand market but old equipments.

You can go on our biggest online "eBay" which is called Mercado Livre and try to find yourself something, and when you do, the price is at least double.

And if we import, we pay 60% import taxes including the cost of posting the product plus a local fee for our national courier.

Things here are not easy or cheap to buy, so that's why we sometimes struggle and beg for support for these devices. I understand the "tiny" version was a good option, but some packages could be removed to make it possible to be kept supported with the minimum.

Just to finish, this is my opinion.