TL-WR840N V5 Cant save OpenWrt Setting

You really need to stop trusting strangers with things like your router.

Select the first 512 bytes of the file and remove them. Just like removing the first 512 x-units in any other file.

I don't think you tried.

you know i have kali linux , but after enter the code
dd if="TL-WR840Nv4_example_official_firmware_file.bin" of="tlwr840nv4_file_with_removed_header.bin" bs=512 skip=1

open like text file ! i dont know what is that , some thing like write it !

It shouldn't have opened anything, the command makes a second file.

Did you actually download the file first before running the command?

i try hxd hex editor for windows !
but i dont undestand what i must to do


yes i download the hxd hex editor

  • Open file
  • Select the first 512 bytes
  • Cut it out!
  • Save as
  • Done!

I just tested it, took less than 10 seconds with wxHex editor.

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when i select 512 and select all and delete , the file size get 0 byte !!

Perhaps you should try my instructions instead of - deleting per your own directive:

As I stated - I just tested these steps - I selected the first 512 bytes of a file and simply selected CUT. The first 512 bytes disappear; and I did a SAVE AS. Not hard.

can you screen shot what are you doing ?

Perhaps you should take a step back and familiarize yourself with your tools (and the reason why the file needs to be stripped and what that entails) first; whatever you do, the resulting file size must be exactly identical to the corresponding OpenWrt factory image (or you've done something wrong). Keep in mind, if you do it wrong, there is a high chance to brick your device permanently, so you really should take your time trying to understand what you're doing, instead of rushing things.


Step 1 - select first 512 bytes

Step 2 - cut

Step 3 - Save as

finnaly i do it with kali linux

let me upgrade it to last version and say the result

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replace this text with file name of what you downloaded for example

and replace


problem solved
cut it with linux
and re flash it
everything is ok
thank you all again

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This has already been reported:

See also


If you squeeze it? Double up!

Well, you could run it Linux commands in Windows by installing a Linux distro for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

can u make a tutorial how to cut first 512 bytes from a bin file it will help a lot i also want to revert to stock firmwere using wxhex editor

See the post above.

This device is NOT RECOMMENDED for future use with OpenWrt due to low flash/ram.

dd if=oldfile of=newfile skip=1