Cannot figure out how to install TD-W8970

That's just it though, how do I inject the firmware in the first place? It lists how to setup the wifi network, but not how to do the injection at all. I already have the wifi network set to: telnetd -p 1023 -l login and I have a telnet session open with it, but there are no instructions what to do next.

Do you remember them?

you need the encrypter/decrypter tool, read the the wiki , make sure the tplink firmware version is reported as working with this approach.

I've already done that though. The instructions on the wiki mean nothing because the tool only decrypts and encrypts the conf.bin file. It doesn't do anything other than allowing a telnet session to be created. How did you flash the firmware if this is all it does?

The very last step says "You are ready to go and have access to linux shell." But that's it. What do I do from there? All it did was give me telnet access.

you need edit the saved decrypted conf.xml.
add the xml tag <Description val="TD-W8970 v1telnetd -p 1023 -l login" /> after the xml node SerialNumber and save it.

I've already done that, and uploaded it to the router. All that does is give you telnet access, it doesn't flash the firmware.

Should I try to flash the firmware by doing the upgrade option in the routers settings after this?

i can't really remember after that and i'm not sure if you can flash it via web.

Did you flash the firmware by telnet?

i can't remember, but i'll try that first

The instructions on the wiki have the commands for telnet flashing missing. I don't know what I am supposed to enter.

read this , the web hack solution . you need a usb drive

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Those instructions are not clear and outdated, especially the USB ones (they're for Linux, like the dd command). What commands do I enter into the telnet session?

cat /var/usbdisk/sda1/td-w8970/openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade.bin> /dev/mtdblock1
cat /var/usbdisk/sda1/td-w8970/openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade-1.bin > /dev/mtdblock2

this is for upgrade

backup your original partition first

I am not using Linux and those commands aren't for the current file "openwrt-18.06.5-lantiq-xrx200-tplink_tdw8970-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin"

let's start.
usb pen drive in the pc
1 Get the USB stick formatted as msDOS/vFAT
2 copy sysupgrade to the usb
3 Create a 1310720 bytes block-size slice of the firmware file using dd

dd if=openwrt-18.06.5-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade.bin of=openwrt-18.06.5-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade-1.bin bs=1310720 skip=1

4 Insert the USB stick into the router and backup partitions

cat /dev/mtd0 > /var/usbdisk/sda1/mtd0
cat /dev/mtd1 > /var/usbdisk/sda1/mtd1
cat /dev/mtd2 > /var/usbdisk/sda1/mtd2
cat /dev/mtd3 > /var/usbdisk/sda1/mtd3
cat /dev/mtd4 > /var/usbdisk/sda1/mtd4
cat /dev/mtd5 > /var/usbdisk/sda1/mtd5
cat /dev/mtd6 > /var/usbdisk/sda1/mtd6

now to flash the router do:

cat /var/usbdisk/sda1/openwrt-18.06.5-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade.bin > /dev/mtdblock1
cat /var/usbdisk/sda1/openwrt-18.06.5-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade-1.bin > /dev/mtdblock2


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Linux runs on the router, so when you log in the telnet shell, you're using Linux. I think that the stock firmware includes a /tmp directory which is a RAM disk, and the dd command.

Another method to prepare the file would be to use any Windows hex editor application to remove the first 1310720 bytes of the file.

The commands copy files between a USB flash drive plugged into the router to the router's internal flash. First you would copy out the factory contents as a backup, then copy in the new OS.

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Hey, this is redsoviet since I have been locked out from posting since I've posted my maximum today.

What commands am I supposed to enter? Nobody has told me. The dd commands are supposed to be done when it isn't plugged into the router, but I am not on Linux so I cannot use the dd commands.

You're listing it as .image when my file is a .bin

I don't know how to do any of that. I don't know what commands I am supposed to be using.

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You were told in thread no. 21.

I would stop asking for Linux commands to type, then.

  • Run a Linux distribution's LiveCD
  • Here's a tutorial on using a Windows-based Hex editor instead. The example uses the first 512 bytes; but I believe for your purposes you'd use 1310720. There's also another dd example:

I think that may have been an honest mistake (or pseudocode).

Continuing to post incessantly that you don't know anything or don't know what syntax to enter - won't get your device working faster.

EDIT: You ignored @mk24 - when he noted that you could have the necessary Linux command installed on the router, hence you are "using Linux".