TL-WR840N V5 Cant save OpenWrt Setting

cant ! but as i see the tuturial , it flash successfull

but dont the factory verion !

only can back in openwrt version!

i can back in openwrt
but cant back in factory tplink rom !!

Then you should work on showing us - you can.

Then that means it was unsuccessful.

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this is the tftp messeges

ican return to openwrt but i cant return to factory rom , blinking green light

How is an 8126464 byte file going to fit in a 4 megabyte flash chip?

Clearly you're using the wrong file.

If the TFTP recovery routine in the bootloader doesn't recognize the file, it doesn't flash anything and continues to boot normally.


i download the file from tp link site !!

that file is ok , return to openwrt

but the orginal frimware after flashing , blink green light


OK looks like the file was sent twice, and strangely this client reports the total of both.

Did you remove the first 512 bytes per the instructions @lleachii linked?

Since dd does not exist on Windows it is possible to use a hex editor instead.


no , how i must to remove first 512 byte ?
this link is for V4 , i need V5 link

You recall I noted that you must follow the instructions exactly.

You remove the first 512 bytes as noted in the instructions. If you do not have access to a Linux machine, you must find a Hex editor and manually cut it out.

The link I sent on OpenWrt goes to all versions, including V5.

are you using tftp recovery


ssh cli using dd etc

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i dont acces to linux !
what i must to do ?

use tftp

"Use a hex editor to remove the first 512 bytes of the file" should be self-explanatory with a little Google.

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Please stop skipping steps!

ok i download some hex editor
how to edit router with hex editor ?

You remove the first 512 bytes of the file you wish to flash (the OEM firmware)!

You don't "edit the router."

the orginal frimware right ?

yes i seeing it
but i down know how to remove the 512 byte of the bin file

Google it.

You've been told 4 times that you must use a Hex editor with Windows. Now you must install that Hex editor and learn how to cut out the first 512 bytes.

Most work like a text editor or word processor.

You then can flash it back to OEM. Simple.

i cant do it :frowning:
i dont know linux !
i dont know hex editor !
can you pplease please please remove 512 byte and upload for me ? :frowning:

If you're keen to use dd and don't mind using linux you can install ubuntu on windows 10

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