TL-WR840N v4 or Archer C7 v5

Hello, Need some help regarding router that valuable for money. I need a device to run OpenWRT with luci-app-sqm package.For this, I have found two devices TL-WR840N v4 and Archer C7 v5 both supports the latest firmware of OpenWRT. So, tell me which one should I pick for SQM and will that one work fine with all these?

will be EOLed after coming release, due to low flash space.

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If you're asking which one you should consider... aside from @frollic's point above, also think about the fact that the 840N is an 802.11n router while the C7 is 802.11ac. So yeah, go with the C7 -- it's a newer design and more powerful.

But keeping in mind that SQM is actually quite processor intenstive, you may not be happy with either device, depending on the expected throughput from your ISP.


So, do you have any other better device in mind for OpenWRT with luci-app-sqm?
Do you have any solution to avoid bufferbloat?

The processor requirements for SQM are very much dependent on the bandwith you're working with.

I'd recommend that you browse the rest of the hardware questions & recommendations section for similar threads and/or provide info here about the internet speeds you have now (and what you expect in the future, if it might change while you still use this device).

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The CPU in the C7 is about 40% faster than the WR840N, but they are both very slow by today's standards. These models should only be considered for ISP speed less than 50 Mb.

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This advice is too pessimistic. TP-Link Archer C7 v2 was usable (with SQM) on a 100 Mbps link a few years ago, and v5 has a slightly higher clock speed.


Thanks everyone, thank you for your advice and time you gave to me. Finally, I've found what i was looking for, thank you.

I had a router TL-WR940N v2 and it had Bandwidth Control option which i did not know about that before. I just did setup that router and set bandwidth limit 85% of my total bandwidth speed that is it. Now I am enjoying my low latency under stress condition.

Great. Please feel free to share information about the solution that is going to work best for your needs.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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