TL-WR740N/TL-WR741N V4/V5 eu full dump

Hello can you help me with wr740n full dump, my router is bricked and i need to fix with ch340 programmer sorry for category i am new o this site :slight_smile:
Thank you!

you do not need to dump firmware. try to failsafe and resolve it:
-go to failsafe
-use putty to telnet ssh to router
-run mount_root, firstboot.

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hello :slight_smile: sorry but not working, this router is hardbricked and failsafe mode or ssh/scp/telnet acces not work, bootloader is corrupted, i need to flash with full dump from another working router the same model any ideas?
thank you

Do not think your bootloadder corrupt.

  • pull out off your power.
  • set PC
  • press reset button while put your power cord about 10 seconds then release it.
  • run CMD in your pc by ping, when it respone it means your router go failsafe.

What have you done with your flash / bl?

If it's only u-boot, you could build it youself from gpl sources and write mac address manually at address 0x1fc00

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If it not works give me your MAC, pin. May be take your decal photo I will do your firmware

hello the bootloader (u-boot) is corrupted after install experimental ddwrt firmware now the router is bricked only power led is on and router not responding anymore from reset button or 30/30/30 reset!
u-boot is broke!

You could also try u-boot_mod from @pepe2k.
The image for WR740N V4 should also work... img git but in this image there is no mac and wps pin... probably this isn´t currupted.

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the mac adress is 30:B5:C2:42:BE:34

thanks a lot but I wanted this router to have everything exactly as it was from the factory I want to get back to what it was, its u-boot original and unchanged if the only way is to rewrite this u-boot stock the router will work normally I looked a little on the openwrt forum someone was just like me and u-boot was to blame

What is your pin number?
Firmware works in openwrt.
You can go back to stock firmware

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Model: wr740n v5 EU
Pin: 23848047
Mac: 30:B5:C2:42:BE:34
SN: 214C152004185

What do you mean with that? The u-boot_mod would be much better than the stock one! You could upgrade / flash fw with a web interface, stock images does work, oc is possible and and and...

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I'm pretty sure the modified u-boot is better than the stock but I wanted to get back to what he had before, hope not to be annoyed that I said that I like things as they come from the factory :slight_smile: :wink:

:sweat_smile: I don´t like the most things as they came from factory

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this firmware for you flash by device . U-boot is original not mod.
forum not allow upload file. you can sen me your mail. i will send your firmware with your MAC, PIN

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ok not problem :grinning: my email:

I know what it's like, it does not always go out as well as it should with the original stuff that's what we're advancing and looking to do the best with a modified and u-boot firmware, that's why Openwrt Lede DD-WRT u- boot mod is good! :slight_smile:

i have been send you firmware
if you like to stock firmware use this firmware
-if you use original firmware will bricks

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You could overwrite the included bootloader of oem images with the provided one from @dktn with dd:

dd if=u-boot.bin of=stock_fw_boot.bin conv=notrunc

Note: Only the stock fw´s with the word boot in his name did include the bootloader with 128k size.

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