Titles can't have emoji!

but wouldn't you agree that a long thread list is (much) better to "navigate" when it's not text only but certain threads actually feature a "favicon" (aka emoji) which is in their favor?

It's kind of the same "talk" we had like 20(?) years ago with favicons. I would say that the fast majority was actually against it and saw no use in it. Many years went by without any critical amounts of websites using them as I remember. With the web starting to get on mobile devices the page turned and the last websites probably were hit by seo rankings so they jumped on the boat and deployed there favicon. :speedboat:

And yes, favicons are super useful and they are essentially very similar than having a icon/emoji in a title:


This certainly is a matter of subjective preference, but for me favicon over text are typically a change not an improvement. Sure, I can ignore them, but I heartily prefer a [pile of BS] label over a :poop: emoji, assuming the label is intended to order into a few categories. And to be precise, how is a Bell a universal sign for a notification? These things used to "go off" at fixed times of the day to tell the time. Similarly a stop watch is an imperfect illustration for a scheduled timeslot (an alarm clock would be a better fit for both examples).

I am however happy to accept that your preference seems to be different.

I am sorry, but I can not remember ever having conversed with you about favicons before this thread...

These suckers can help track users, so I guess advertisers (or "ad" brokers like google) made sure websites use these...

Again a matter of taste, I can happily accept your preference for favicons without having to like them myself.

Not that this really matters, I did not implement or instigate the move to disallow emojis in titles in this forum, and I am also in no position to change that policy. That said, I prefer non-emoji titles, but would not get worked up much if that policy should change. But then 41 posts pretty much ado about nothing, as the bard would say, and yet I contributed to this pile.... I will respectfully try to bow out of this thread if you permit.


well, we are not talking about any replacement here! The examples above don't replace any Text but additionally add a Icon :bulb:

Maybe a matter of taste/preference? Might be the same what words people use for there titles... few... many.... ALL CAPS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

For sure you find ways to disable these suckers... I hope you don't use to many tabs (or are you still windowing like in the 90ies?) because you will then quickly realize how usefull these suckers are (not only for fingerprinting :paw_prints:)

by the looks of it the policy had already changed in the past as there are threads out there with emoji in the title....

I do, have a nice day :wave:

  • (you realize there is no policy and ya'll have been trolled for a long time, right?)
  • There is a policy to keep the forum tidy
    • From my observations, this always meant a clear concise title explaining the thread
    • I also saw the star as some kind of silent note to "look here my thread is more special because it has a star and I can copy/paste emojis"
    • So that would be my "why exactly?" reasoning for doing such a thing.
    • Which is why it seems so silly you all engaged the troll
    • "Stop feeding the trolls"
  • the OP could simply edit (wonder why 44 posts and that never happened???)
  • (you'd think the person would ask me - since I removed it)
    • the message I read told me that there is a minimum character length (i.e. copy/paste of the message you get when you don't type a [long enough] body)
  • (instead they made a thread and asked me to reply in PM No. 2, lol)
    • since they refuse to respond to the PM- I assume they never wanted to and they're trolling
  • Lastly...mods have been silently laughing and giving me kudos!!

Ya'll have been seriously trolled.

EDIT: It was noted to me that emojis cannot be added to titles - and hence this is the OP's complaint - that is false - as the OP is inquiring about an actual thread that had an emoji (noted in the PM they refuse to now respond to):


But I'm sure the OP will keep on asking random people - instead of the person who did it.

And actually I never asked for changing that policy/rule or whatever it is but mainly asking:


honestly it's clear this is pure trolling... just having fun and a bit of curiosity of where this goes...

Just here watching with
Cartoon Popcorn GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
(think this time i will chose good old spongebob)
(that fact that he can't write A SINGLE MESSAGE without an emote LOL)


The star in the title was indeed pretty cheeky, as if to promote it above all the rest. Shameful abuse of emojis!

Well stated. I think not all emojis are the same; smileys are perhaps more unexceptionable, but then things like this:

really take the biscuit. Also I noticed this:

p.s. I thought this was all just light hearted and fun, but from later posts it looks like perhaps not. So I'll use an emoji myself here: :frowning:. And maybe also bow out.

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I had chosen a emoji from the "normal set" (available in the editor) but they were refused, I then just copied two or three "simple" ones and the :star: was the only one that worked. Intentionally I didn't removed any Text from the Title (and replaced it with a icon) but kept it so instead of "β˜…ted" it was "started β˜…" which made it all start :bulb:

To the fullest! :joy:

Like I said in the other thread already the same is true since you entered this conversation :point_down:

Not sure what you try construct but the moment you were finally

in the other thread you just directly continued over here? For me it looks like you are just hoping to escalate things and I hardly see anything useful in your posts I must admit. The false assumption you made in the other post you just straight continue over here.

It's like having a group conversation and someone from outside just shouts weird stuff not really having the intention of a appropriate participation but mainly just trying to disrupt.

I was reading about a maintainer of a device for openwrt which just recently got his forum account deleted because of "problems" with one or more members here... I can imagen that your way of communication is not only very counterproductive for newcomers but also might have the power to expel also valuable members of this community. :-1:


I was say it's childish and rude to ask me to respond - knowing I did it and then pretending there's some policy to discuss in a group. Knowing I responded to you by PM.

Yes, I had such an issue as well - I actually noted such a user in a conversation. This make me think you're alluding to that conversation. There's also issues with people vandalizing.

Additionally, I did not see your request until after my post, and hence I asked the same thing in my PM, which you failed to respond to:

But; you can continue to troll if you insist. It's clear that could have been edited slightly after I responded - I even alluded to you having edited such a post in a manner in that same thread.

Next, none of these responding appear to be mods or admins, so your logic makes no sense.

Lastly, stop responding is my quote. I merely meant I was waiting until you provided the needed information - and not engage into a trolling incident (which was clear in PM tghat was being referenced). It seems you understood that until you posted out-of-context here and in the thread.

I guess you forgot the PM:

Keep trolling if you wish.

If you no longer got a DHCP lease from some unknown device, simply noting that could help others in your "group conversation" too. You simply took psherman's method to disconnect your entire network - which should provide the same result - you coulda simply look at the MAC of the DHCP server giving out the lease - it was a suggestion.

Maybe we should also note, the star was removed - and I continued to assis, until I suggest you find the rogue device by its hardware MAC, you proceeded to show a single OpenWrt config, talk about a WDS repeater - but repeat it has no DHCP config (and pretending I didn't read that)when you stated you had multiple devices. I started to figure you believe OpenWrt devices magically give out IPs - that's when I stopped "sending messages to that thread" (I used quotes cause "stop responding" seems to be confusing).

  • There is a reason why having emojis in topic titles is configurable in Discourse: They can get on users nerves.
  • emojis in topic titles are not vital for the OpenWrt forum, it works perfectly without:
    • 38400 users, out of which 3 (see poll) want to use emojis in titles -> negligible demand
  • emojis in topic titles are not useful, but rather distracting, imho. If they were as useful as you think, why has discourse implemented the option to not allow them in topic titles?
  • emojis are attention catchers, imho yelling LOOK - AT - ME! NOW! THIS TOPIC IS SOOOOO SPECIAL!!!11
  • "If wisely used by it's authors" -> users don't use things wisely. No, they don't. Not even with text only. Things can only get worse with emojis.
  • There is a difference between emojis in topic titles and postings.
    • Emojis inside a posting quickly drift away. When new postings are made, the one containing the emoji is quickly out of sight.
    • Contrary to that, an emoji in the topic title will always be seen in the topic overview, as long as the topic is alive. Now imagine a topic with 5000 replies (we have topics with more than that). Each and every day everybody will see this emoji, even if they don't read this topic. This might not be a problem for short term users (join the forum, ask a question, never been seen again after that). On the other side, for regulars which are actively reading and contributing to the forum since years (!), it is just a nuisance. A PITE (pain in the eye). Something that makes you get eyecancer.
  • emojis need to be interpreted. Interpretation might be different from user to user, and even depend on the country or age. If someone posts an aubergine (eggplant), what does he want to tell me? That he is a vegetarian? Why introduce ambiguities when we can have unambiguous text?
  • on top of that: we have (had) users in this forum up to 76 years old. With age come visual difficulties, meaning that just the identification of the emoji might already be difficult. Perfect example: Titles can't have emoji! - #35 by MangoMan
    I'm not 76, but only in the magnified version in Titles can't have emoji! - #47 by Lynx

    I could recognize that those were 2 yellow hands. Now I only need to decipher what you want to say with that... Bart Simpson experimenting with high voltage?
    Difficult to recognize, difficult to understand... uhm, no, please don't waste my time.

I hope this answers your question.


Hi folks -
Thanks for the entertainment... Emoji's in titles were turned off in Jan'21 and will remain off. Poll says leave them off -- @tmomas has the last word - topic closed.