Titles can't have emoji!

  • Mangoman is trolling, that's all.

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They are. You are making a wrong assumption that emojis in the title need to be part of the url, for example look at this here:

See the two emojis in the beginning :point_right: :lock: :pushpin:

...both are not part of the URL itself: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/about-the-hardware-questions-and-recommendations-category/2186

No problems what so ever!

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except that's showing the post is locked and also pinned. That is useful info and standard to most forum software. And yes. not part of the URL.

I definitely agree that pictures can be extremely helpful in conveying thoughts and ideas and livening things up.

But there is something different and unique about emojis. I am guilty of using them myself from time to time, but I wonder if there is something to be said for more practice in framing things in plain old words? I mean sometimes emojis can kind of cheapen interaction, right?

And anyway, aren't emojis mainly for use by generation snowflake?

I concur with the sentiments raised here:


As the great Samuel L once said :

:warning: NSFW - Swearing


It's also standard (default even on in discourse afaik) and useful to have emojis in the title (imho). It was activily turned off in this forum. I could expect it was one #grumpyold... who turned it off - was it you @mercygroundabyss? :joy:

Like the example I showed already earlier in this very forum here :point_down:


So beside people here giving there opinion and some trying to defend the status quo with weird (some might want to call it false) arguments and conclusions (someone forgot to mention eye cancer :eye:) the question still stands:

Maybe the leader @tmomas knows more?

Should i call the admin and ask him to rename this topic to "The OT post?"

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I called the leader already :sunglasses:

Summoning Admins is like summoning Cthulhu - Not always wise
Best of luck.

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I'm quite confident it was a admin who turned the function off - a moderator shouldn't have the rights to do so...

So to get a light :bulb: in the dark :see_no_evil: it was the only solution to summon cthulhu the leader :crown:

If wisely used by it's authors (that's for sure not guranteed) it's actually not even necessary to "translate" emoji's.

Actually they tend to give a much better overview when browsing the (long) thread list(s) as they are much easier to keep apart than letters alone :bulb:

No eye bleeding? No unreadable URLs? No seo problems? No cancer? :thinking:


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To be fair looks like you have some convincing to do yet to secure a majority!

Well, it should be free to everybody to make use or not make use of it - like it is now in posts. No obligations. :raised_hands:

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Hmm. Freedom. So like free speech and guns. I think I can get behind that.

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Yes, like in freedom of expression :wink:


but certainly no (free)

:sweat_drops: :gun:

comedy gold :rofl:


Maybe you should respond to the same private message you messaged me directly - while refusing to respond to it. But seems odd you expect an answer from me or anyone else, when you won't answer us.

I won't even cover the trolling in the thread that started this.

I should flag that for harassment - since everyone can see it.

Yes, you're a comedian "in the worse way".

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Well, we all are typically bad in reading the correct intent of casually written prose (there is a reason why writers typically labor a lot about their texts before offering them to the public). So using signals to convey the normal gamut of non-verbal modes of communication we all use in direct conversations to help avoid or post-hoc clear up misunderstandings can be helpful.
Emojis, for all their yuck-factor, are a convenient short hand to add intent markers to forum/email discussions and hence have value IMHO.
Titles however should be composed with enough care to not needing such clutches (outside of the "classical" letter and punctuation compounds).