Titles can't have emoji!

I had chosen a emoji from the "normal set" (available in the editor) but they were refused, I then just copied two or three "simple" ones and the :star: was the only one that worked. Intentionally I didn't removed any Text from the Title (and replaced it with a icon) but kept it so instead of "β˜…ted" it was "started β˜…" which made it all start :bulb:

To the fullest! :joy:

Like I said in the other thread already the same is true since you entered this conversation :point_down:

Not sure what you try construct but the moment you were finally

in the other thread you just directly continued over here? For me it looks like you are just hoping to escalate things and I hardly see anything useful in your posts I must admit. The false assumption you made in the other post you just straight continue over here.

It's like having a group conversation and someone from outside just shouts weird stuff not really having the intention of a appropriate participation but mainly just trying to disrupt.

I was reading about a maintainer of a device for openwrt which just recently got his forum account deleted because of "problems" with one or more members here... I can imagen that your way of communication is not only very counterproductive for newcomers but also might have the power to expel also valuable members of this community. :-1: