The switch menu and VLAN page are missing in several products

Hello all,

I have found a bug, the switch menu and the VLAN page are missing in several products.

Can you add this menu and the vlan page?

Several products have one or more RJ45 ports and it is not possible to use VLANs....

Thanks in advance.

@Neustradamus, welcome to the community!

  • Can you list the makes and models with the issue you describe?
  • Have you made a bug report?
  • You don't need a switch to "use VLANS" (e.g. the PHY can be initialized with a tag), you even admit as much in your post by noting "one or more" - so a more in-depth description of your actual problem would help to better assist you

All products which does not have a switch in configuration files, this page does not exist: http://openwrt/cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/vlan.

I have informed in first in this big PR:

I have already published a ticket for LuCI:

If there is a switch in configuration files:

The menu:

The page:

Are they all DSA switches? Those are not supported y LuCI.

This is meaningless without discussing a specific chipset or model.

That is the page to configure a conventional switch chip by loading its configuration register bank to set up hardware controlled VLANs in it. It isn't a "VLAN menu".

Some devices (especially x86) have a true separate eth port per Ethernet cable, and then there's DSA which I have no experience with.

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All boards with VLAN feature and without a switch!

"8021q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8"

Example of products (not complete):

  • Products based on Atheros AP147 reference board have VLAN page and other products based on this board but adapted have not VLAN page.
  • T830 has.

Target: ar71xx // ath79

  • QCA953X: A770/AP80Q/AP90Q/CPE210V2/CPE210V3/CPE830
  • QCA956X: SR3200/XD3200
  • AR934X: CPE210V1/CPE220V2/CPE510/CPE870/CPE880

ucidef_set_interfaces_lan_wan "eth0" "eth1"
ucidef_set_interfaces_lan_wan "eth1" "eth0"
ucidef_set_interface_lan ...
ucidef_set_interface_wan ...


  • ucidef_add_switch "switch0"

No http://openwrt/cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/vlan

Please look that VLAN must to work on WLAN too, example:

  • 1 SSID 1 VLAN

Maximum number of VLANs by switchs: Maximum number of VLANs

If the device doesn't have a switch, it doesn't have "Switch" section in Luci. What is the problem? You can use VLANs without setting up switch.


If not "switch0", there is not the VLAN page:

It is the problem.

If there is no switch, you obviously cannot configure the VLANs in the switch. But that does not mean you cannot use VLANs, just configure your interfaces on the ethx.y devices.


Some CPEs and pocket routers have only one physical Ethernet port wired out of the internal switch. There should still be a switch page on these. If you want tagged packets on the Ethernet cable you need to add them to the switch.

VLANs on a CPU eth port are created directly on the port with the "ethX.Y" notation. To do that in LuCI go to a network physical settings and scroll to the bottom to add a new one to the list. Type for example eth1.10 and press enter (it is important to press enter not just click the mouse).

There is a VLAN tag on the Ethernet cable and then there is what happens to those packets in the OS. This is done with software kernel bridges, by defining new network interfaces. The network bridge isn't a VLAN, it's a separate network. There is no association of a VLAN number until something tagged is attached to the bridge.

A common application of this is to set up bridges of protocol None to convert from wired to wireless in a dumb AP. For example packets of VLAN 10 from a main router are connected to guest users on an AP with SSID "Guest". This is done by connecting eth1.10 and the wireless network to a software bridge interface. The interface can have any name, e.g. it is common to call it "vlan10" but it could also be called "guest" and work the same.

Note that a wireless network can't use VLAN tagged packets unless a BATMAN mesh or other tunneling protocol is applied on top of the basic wifi link.


Linksys EA3500 has Switch: Marvell 88E6171R and is VLAN capable according to its page with Maximum number of VLANs equal to 4.
So, one would think that it should have the Switch page under the Network menu item except for one important detail and that is that this router is apparently no longer implementing the swconfig driver. This router instead relies on DSA according to what I've read elsewhere here on OpenWrt. Would appreciate confirmation of this from someone more knowledgeable about all things OpenWrt.