Testing the new Lantiq DEU driver

Special thanks to Daniel Kestrel for his excellent work rewriting, and fixing lots of, the Lantiq Data Encryption unit driver making it compatible with the new crypto API in kernel 5.10.

The development thread is here.

I just merged Daniel's pull request with the latest trunk, following these instructions.

In menuconfig, I selected the testing kernel (5.10.46), did a build and flashed it on a BTHH5a. Everything appears to work perfectly, I will test it properly this weekend.

Note: the new driver will NOT build with the 5.4.x kernel. The error generated is here.

After 19+ hours running at the home of a friend, current trunk plus the testing kernel, now 5.10.46, including the new LTQ DEU driver gets a thumps up in a tough environment.on a BTHH5a.

Early days, I know. CPU usage drops massively compare to trunk using either 5.4.128 or 5.10.46, neither of which can use the DEU.

My friend get WAN via a huawei USB 4G modem that presents as an NCM device. He does not load kernel modules he does not need, so there are no xDSL, ppp, or ip6 related links in /etc/modules.d

The microsd card, f2fs format, in the huawei is auto mounted at boot. He creates a 32M swap file at /mnt/sda1/swap.

Two memory hunger services are also started, banip with 17 ipsets, and adblock with 75k ip filtered.

A max of 4 devices connected over the period, all wifi. No software flow offloading enabled,

root@OpenWrt:~# uptime
 15:19:23 up 19:23,  load average: 0.01, 0.01, 0.00
root@OpenWrt:~# free
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:         120632       81024       32516        2900        7092       10036
Swap:         32764        5428       27336

logread etc here.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for this.

I see in the pull request thread that a user is having problems with wifi so I did a build a little while ago and flashed it on a BTHH5a. I had to select the testing kernel and Lantiq DEU, which is marked as broken since two days, in menuconfig.

wifi works fine for me using psk2 encryption but not sae encryption - the APs come up but android devices see the AP as "open" - unencrypted. This is not a problem as psk2 is fine for me.

My bootlog.

@PaulRowland I added a commit for the driver to work with linux 5.4, probably just not long after you have pulled the PR that did not work.

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Hi Daniel,

I merged your repository 6 days ago, the last change appears to have been made there some 9 days ago? I will try to build 5.4.x again later tonight and report back.

Nope, the repository changed 4 days ago and I can confirm it builds and runs just fine on a BTHH5a using kernel 5.4.128 if you select the ltq-deu kernel module.


@kestrel Outstanding work, sir!