How to rebase a pull request into Trunk?

I wish to help test a recent pull request for the Lantiq xRX200 platform. I build openwrt regularly but always vanilla Trunk.

After I do a git pull to bring trunk up to date, I need to merge/rebase this:

Thank you in anticipation!!

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# (optional as you already did a pull) update your copy of the OpenWrt repository
git fetch -p origin
# add reference to the repository referenced in the pull request
git remote add kestrel1974
# update your copy of the added repository
git fetch -p kestrel1974
# create local branch matching the pull request
git branch ltq-deu kestrel1974/ltq-deu
# perform the rebase for that branch
git rebase origin/master ltq-deu

Thank you so much, that worked perfectly. I have a build running now.

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@ [tmomas]
I did try but I do not have edit rigths and I do not get a [Solved] icon under ... menu

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