Tell me in the br-lan interface settings?

IPv4 gateway address for what?
Change through the web interface luci.
Any IP address can be written there and nothing changes.
How to register in it the gateway necessary to me?

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I'm sorry but I don't really understand what your problem/question is!?

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If you're doing lan->wan routing, don't enter any gateway for the lan. Gateway is set up in the wan network, usually automatically by DHCP or pppoe.

If you are using OpenWrt as a LAN device (no wan network), set the gateway to the IP of the next router in the path toward the Internet, usually the main router in the house.

This is all clear, the question is different, that any IP address can be entered and nothing changes, the manual setting of the gateway will not work.
Check for yourself, enter any IP gateway address and nothing will change

Save & Apply ?

I don’t understand, is it really so difficult to go into Luci and check it yourself and make sure that it’s the way it is, why troll how you do it, I didn’t write from nothing to do, but it’s really important for me. It all starts with little things, and when this little thing is missed, then later, in the future, there will be even more problems and the probability of their solution will be zero.

The gateway is also known as the default route. Any packet going to an IP that is not part of one of the router's known local networks will be sent there for further routing. Such non-local IPs are places on the Internet, so the gateway machine must be the next one toward the Internet. It will be either an ISP provided router on the premises, or the ISP's first router on the other end of the cable or fiber connection.

Setting the default route to a machine other than the next one in line to the Internet will prevent Internet access through the router, breaking the network. So this setting is not something to do casually.

The routes including the default one can be examined with Status->Routing (the middle of the page), or CLI commands ip route show or route.

In the usual (default) configuration there is only one routing table, thus there can only be one default route. It is usually installed or replaced by the DHCP or pppoe client on wan as wan comes up and auto-configures by pulling configuration from the ISP.

Manually setting a default route in a lan->wan router would only be necessary or advisable if the wan connection is statically configured. Otherwise leave all the "gateway" boxes blank.

I have no problem setting the default gateway in LUCI on my access points in my house all running openwrt. The problem is unique to you. You will need to troubleshoot the issue for which there could be many. Just keep a cool head and try to figure out what is the problem and give a list of what you have tried already which don't fix your problem and we'll try and suggest alternatives.

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the gateway is by default, but you can’t change it in any way, it is always the default, but I want to change it,
I don’t want it to be the default and in the luci settings, you can’t do this, maybe there are other ways, but I don’t I know.

It would seem that everything should be so simple to change the gateway, but for me it's a mystery :slight_smile:

You can set it to the address your router gets on WAN manually I suppose but it doesn't make any sense because it happens automatically anyways.

If you want to set it to a random address, that would be telling a cat to bark. If it is not random: what is your gateway and how is it connected to your router?

can you describe precisely what you are doing step-by-step when you are editing the gateway settings.

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Again, setting it to anything other than what it should be will break your Internet access.


Luci - network - br-lan - Gateway IPv4 address
here in the Gateway IPv4 address item, you can enter any IP address except the local one and nothing changes

when you say nothing changes, do you mean the IP address you enter into the box is unable to save permanently?

The ip address is saved, but nothing changes.
in theory, if the gateway is not correct, then the Internet should not work, but it works as if nothing had happened :slight_smile:

looks normal to me. you might be confused about certain tcp/ip concepts.

Go to br-lan - Advanced Settings
uncheck Use default gateway

Does that do what you wanted?

LAN doesn't need a gateway, WAN does (i.e. your Internet).

Remove this setting.

I tried that, nothing changes

Whatever you set there is being overridden when the wan comes up and pulls config via DHCP or PPP. You could prevent that by unchecking "use default gateway" on the wan. But that serves no useful purpose. Can you describe your use case where it needs a different gateway?