[SOLVED] LAN Gateway with dynamic WAN?

Good morning guys first post here, from a beginner.
I have successfully setup and currently testing OpenWRT on my Asus RTN16 router.

In the testing scenario, a modem is assigning WAN interface private IP address to OpenWRT router and the LAN is manually configured with network, being OpenWRT router IP mask

In this scenario, the IP address of the Gateway is well known, therefore I have manually set this, however I wonder what value should I use once the OpenWRT router will be moved into other network setup, where the WAN interface will be connected to a modem in bridge mode, whose IP address will be unpredictable?

How should I set up the Gateway IP address, assuming WAN is dynamically set?
See the image below

You don't add Gateway in the LAN interface.
Leave it empty. The router will detect it from WAN.


Working! Thanks!

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