Sysupgrade on x86 Devices


One question, I'm using an standard x86 image like:

Once is installed and working in my device, can be "sysupgraded" like any other router firmware (saving my config, etc..)?

Thanks everyone.

You can sysupgrade with the combined EXT4 image just fine. Unlike 'real' embedded devices, there's no need for a factory image which pulls certain tricks to convince the manufacturer firmware that it's indeed flashing a valid (manufacturer issued) image.


Thanks a lot @Borromini

@Klingon hey can you guide me to install openwrt on my old computer

I use a 16 GB pendrive that has OpenWRT installed with the SquashFS file system sometimes, in order to revert to the default state. Other times I use Ext4. I made my own firmware with the packages I need with Image Builder. I install the .img file with Rufus (in Windows) and DD in Linux.

@castillofrancodamian i downloaded some image file on my system then write on sda but it hangs in the mid can you share your build image

What image are you installing? What do you want me to share? If you want, I can build your image file so you can install it. Or else, use this website to build it online.


I followed How-to install LEDE on x86