Switching from Untangle to OpenWrt


Currently i am running untangle on Shuttle DS77U3 and i am planning to switch to OpenWRT but i have few questions.

1- Which OpenWRT image should i download?
2- Do i need to download the NIC drivers?
3- Will those two guides This and This are enough or do i need to follow extra steps?

Use the 19.07.3 x86-64 image. I suggest the squashfs version for beginners because there is a way to reset it to original default configuration without reformatting the disk. The e1000e and igb drivers are included, one of which should work with your Ethernet chips.

With a removable SATA disk/SSD the easiest install is to remove the disk and connect it to another machine then dd the OpenWrt disk image to it.
gunzip -c openwrt-19.07.3-x86-64-combined.squashfs.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=4M
Make absolutely certain the drive (sdb here) is the right one, this will wipe the OS on your PC if you target the wrong drive.


welcome to OpenWrt. After install I recommend the packages. bcp38, adblock, sqm, banip and https over dns proxy. Have fun. tapper.

I have followed all of the steps, managed to install openwrt, i tried connecting via PPPoE it gave me an error about PADO Packets timeout.

I think my mistake is having the WAN ethernet in port 1 instead of port 0, are port 0 and 1 interchange-able? or port 0 (eth0) is strictly for WAN and port 1 (eth1) is strictly for LAN even if i configured it as PPPoE?

First you need to know which port is which. OpenWrt's numbering may not match any numbers printed on the box. Unplug and re-plug the Ethernet cable then check the kernel log to see which port came up.

The ports are assigned to a network in the physical settings or ifname in the /etc/config/network file. There is no restriction on which port serves which purpose.

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