Supporting the Cudy TR3000 in OpenWrt

This appears to be the UART at a glance. Using a nearby ground point plus a multimeter, one of the points has a widely varying voltage between 1V to 3V (probably TX?)

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Great news. TX voltage will vary and RX will be on single level. Soldering will be tricky but doable. Since Cudy wait for official OpenWrt support only first tester will have to do it . Rest will benefit signed Cudy firmware flashed via web few months after official support.

Good news, the pads are UART.

I improvised a DTS last night and managed to boot OpenWrt. The LAN port, Wi-Fi and SPI-NAND flash work, but the USB port and WAN port do not.


Tonight or tomorrow I will send a draft PR to GitHub.


The PR is here:

Please help me testing it. I think i've managed to solve all the obvious bugs, but it's better to be sure.


Nice work.

Those UART pads are a real PITA though.

Where did you connect to GND ?

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The hardware is almost identical to GL-INET MT3000, maybe there could be something that can share among?

They are identical, according to the FCC letter posted earlier.

I used a close Ground point.

I did this to avoid soldering the pads (I can't afford to ruin the device). It is an extremely low cost solution, but it worked well for me.


Maybe a dumb question...
Could be possible to port the Gl.Inet MT3000 firmware on TR3000?

can you (easily) put a Ford engine in a BMW ?

why would you ? the Cudy fw is pretty good, imho.

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It needs model specific changes for it to work.

This is what @enmaskarado is doing in his PR.

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depends on if @ScanaX was referring to the GL.iNet MT3000 fw, or the Openwrt MT3000 fw.

I assumed the 1st.

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Indeed, good point.
Iā€™m assuming OpenWrt here.

Yes, I was referring to the GL.iNet official firmware.
Official Cudy firmware has many bugs and less features.
The Cudy firmware lose WiFi settings on power off if I use it as WISP and don't support mobile thetering on USB neither USB LTE modems.

I just got one of these today for $50 after working out that it is the same mainboard as the MT3000 which I love. Is there anyway to just load the exiting MT3000 GLiNet firmware on the device?

TL;DR: no.

To swap firmware between two devices it is not enough that they have a similar SoC or physical design. They must be virtually identical in everything: same chip models, same internal GPIO allocation, same partitioning, or perhaps even the same RAM or flash memory chip models.

As a example see the MT3000 DTS or specs, and the proposed TR3000 DTS. There are too many internal differences, like the different 2.5G phy (MaxLinear vs Realtek) and the flash chip size (256MB vs 128MB).

AFAIK GL-inet does not publish the sources of its firmware, so it is not possible to adapt or change anything.
Maybe with some creativity you can study some rare option, but this thread is not the place to debate this.



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The PR got merged :partying_face:

The first snapshot firmwares will probably be compiled in a few hours. Before trying, beware of bug (no WAN link)


thnx for the heads up, that was surprisingly fast.

now someone need to reach out to Cudy, and get the interim image posted :wink:

Great news. Please consider cherry pick this to 23.05 branch. thx