Supporting the Cudy TR3000 in OpenWrt

Purchased the Cudy TR3000 in a local shop in Italy for 49 euro.
It looks very promising, especially for the 2.5 Gbps WAN/LAN.
If you want, I can perform some tests or provide information about Cudy TR3000 while waiting OpenWRT full support.
I'm newbie in OpenWRT, if you give me directions, i will be happy to do something.

Meantime i'm Happy with WR3000 as a dumb AP.

P.S.: TR3000 looks the same as the Gl.inet MT3000 which has a better support. Gl.inet released many update while Cudy do not.

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That's good price! Since there is no Cudy fork OpenWrt and ssh is disabled (most likely) only way is serial console.
I'm looking forward to see your TR3000 bootlog then we can talk more

How can I help?
If you tell me what and how to do, I can try to help.
But I don't know how to use a soldering iron and I have no skills in electronic things...

start by opening it up, and post photos of the internals, hopefully we'll be able to see if it's supportable.

this letter is kind of interesting ....


Seems the WR3000, WR3000 Plus, WR1500, TR3000, M3000, RE3000, AP3000 and AP3000 Outdoor all share the same hw.

they ment -Electrically Identical Models-
Yes as I've investigate via firmware scan that most are mt7981 based
but wr1500 is RTL8197

"are identical in hardware and software, the only differences model was model

but I guess they're lying, if the WR1500 is RTL.

or I'm bad at reading between the lines :wink:

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Check here, cudy released the GPIO and DTS.


But all ZIP files from their sites are detected as "virus" when I tried to use Windows laptop to download, so I have to use Linux laptop to get the file.
And I observed that they have the OpenWrt firmware under development now.

I contacted Cudy because I really need USB tethering on the router.
It's not something they support. So I inquired about OpenWRT firmware.

Here's their response:

Regarding the OpenWRT, We need the OpenWRT official support the TR3000 at first, then we can release a middle firmware for you, then you can use and upgrade to the other OpenWRT firmwares.

Edit: This was just to clarify that Cudy is not developing a firmware themselves.

But TR3000 has 2.5GbE, can they become identical?

But their firmware is already showing that it's based on OpenWrt, just no Luci???

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Exactly my point...

If everything works out, I'll get my hands on a TR3000 next week.

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GPL Source code for all of the AX3000 series routers from Cudy is available at It is based on a MediaTek modified version of OpenWrt 21.02. The same source is used for all devices with a modified DTS file for each device. TR3000 config file uses R47_oemconfig which eventually includes the R47.dts file. Other devices covered which don't currently have OpenWrt port available are the M3000 and AP3000.


TechInfoDepot have posted photos of the PCB, can't say I see any obvious points where you'd connect serial.

Even if I did, those pads would be tiny.

The 2nd pic is what you see if open it up.
They've also removed a metal plate before taking the 2nd photo.

(images copied from the TechInfoDepot site)

I posted those photos to WikiDevi and TechInfoDepot scraped them from that site. There is no serial connection point that I could find. However there is an OpenWrt release available from the vendor which should then allow updating to official OpenWrt via sysupgrade. I just don't currently have the time to work on it.

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Then it must be very recent, last time I checked it was only an excel sheet and a DTS.

Or are your referring to the ZIP you linked to earlier?

Even if connector is gone. Serial port will look like two signal lines ended up with empty pad or resistor . Funny enough cudy shared TR3000+V1.rar with .dts and instruction to stop u-boot via recovery procedure :wink: .Maybe it's time to mail them...

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The OpenWrt Software Download page on Cudy website has a link for TR3000 (V1)

Yeah, but it's a 9kb file..

You are correct, it's not an actual OpenWrt firmware. It contains the following files:

mt7981b-cudy-TR3000-v1.dts  Readme.txt  TR3000v1_GPIO.xlsx

The DTS file should be self-explanatory. The Readme.txt file states the following:

Press the "Reset" button  for about 3 seconds when power on TR3000 router, then would enter in uboot command line after TFTP download timeout in uboot.

The spreadsheet outlines how GPIO controls some of the features.