Supporting the Cudy TR3000 in OpenWrt

Then I think someone needs to back port it.

Btw, images have been generated

The fix for the WAN port got merged and the support is complete now :slight_smile:

As I need to use my router, and I don't have another one to play with, I don't think I'll get involved in backporting to 23.05 or requesting intermediate firmware to Cudy.
These are tasks with not much complexity, it would be nice if more people could contribute with a PR to OpenWrt :robot:

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So there is no way we can flash without UART?

Not without Cudy generating the intermediate fw for us.

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I've created pull [23.05] mediatek: filogic: add cudy tr3000 by nicefile · Pull Request #15502 · openwrt/openwrt (
I'm not sure if 2.5Gbit PHY fix will be needed in 5.15 kernel (23.05) so testing is welcome.


That bug was first found in WAX206, so my wild guess is, WAX206 doesn't have this problem with 23.05.3 so it should be fine for TR3000?


I created a "Device Details" page for the TR3000 on the Wiki. Please check it:


Does it mean we can get this to Cudy to make a firmware that doesn't require UART to flash?

Good news!
I wrote on support page of the official firmware download asking for intermediate firmware

Cudy answered: "Ok. we will develop it soon."


Can you guys compile a firmware that can be flashed with the cudy web GUI.I just bought a new router and I want to free my self from the official crappy firmware.

Scroll up a bit and check the comments.

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Meanwhile Cudy's webpage for OpenWRT is not working...

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It moved, and the search engines haven't caught up.

The 23.05 pull got merged, are we hoping for a 23.05.4 now ?

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Do you know what is the new URL? I can't find it using their website search option.

Yes, I tried that link and it shows error 404. But after re-reading the whole thread looks like that is not what I was expecting. Apparently Cudy still needs to publish the intermediate firmware.

looks like cudy & cudytech pages are point to same web page from now

i really don't have clue from where to download signed files