Supported router (Must have GigE ports + LTE/4G)?

Hi - As per the title - Ive had a search around, and the "supported" LTE routers appear to only have 100M Eth ports?

Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

We want to do failover from Gig (Well around 500Mb) to 4G.

Thanks in advance.

I found the Archer MR600 V3, but It does not appear in the supported list :frowning:

ZTE 286D would be one.



I agree, but the price diff is pretty big, the 286D can probably be bough used for < 50€, the NR7101 is pretty hard to find used, at all, and new ones are what ? 500+€ ?

Plus, when OP wrote ports, I assume he wanted more than one.

do you happen to have this product?

how's it going with openwrt ?

a note on the documentation missing the obvious presence of an ethernet port:

that's the black plug at the button, it's for outdoor use, and water proofed.

ok, i know where it is missing on the tagged documentation even if its presence is obvious:


All works perfectly with very strong LTE stats.

The only thing is that LTE/4G/5G support in OpenWrt is slightly broken. Perhaps because there are an insufficient number of developers that take an interest in it? I had to hack together a script to automatically reconnect on ISP disconnections. No biggie, and hopefully this issue will get fixed soon.

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shame about this problem ...
which will surely be fixed, thanks to all developers :+1:

that for its price ...

thanks for the informations

No this is not specific for this device. It's an OpenWrt issue.

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Thank you

don't know why it's missing, the techdata page has it listed, and those values are collected from there ...


errors exist

someone will definitely fix it

But yeah there are several users on this forum that use the NR7101 - it seems very well built and performance seems strong. Mine is mounted to the outside of our house facing our nearest LTE tower and has withstood heavy snow and rain. It's powered by the ethernet cable by the way. I use it as an upstream router coupled to an RT3200 acting as my main router (double NAT prevented using technique outlined here).

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only laughable fact is the 1gbit port, when the advertising boasts about 5gbit 5G speeds ...

we're sorry (at least I am) for hijacking your thread, @M_B.

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Also consider this:

Mikrotik LHG-R-LTE6

@mk24 is familiar with this device - see:

Same as the 7101, only one port, OP wanted ports.

But then again, switches are cheap ... :wink:

not gigabits


And the LHGG is not yet supported according to Add support for Mikrotik LHGG (RBLHGGR)