Support possible for the new Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 12?

Looks like it's not currently supported. I'm slowly but surely learning EdgeOS but coming from OpenWRT I kind of miss it. Anyone know if it is being worked on? or is there something keeping the newer Ubiquiti gear from getting OpenWRT? I was going to get the stuff that is supported by OpenWRT, but my friend that's familiar with Ubiquiti gear talked me out of it, said the newest gear is the stuff to get for solid 1Gbps support, which has become necessary (and the reason I upgraded from my old Archer C7) as I now have AT&T Fiber.

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The high model EdgeRouters use CPU target families that aren't in OpenWrt at all yet.

Ahh. Well then that explains it! Bummer.

Not sure this is actually true as all the newer EdgeRouters (ER-4, ER-6P and ER-12) use the same Cavium Octeon III CN7130 processor. The Itus Shield also used an Octeon III CN7020 processor and it came with an OS based on OpenWrt, so I believe it is only a matter of getting the correct DTS file and some minor modifications to the OpenWrt source.

I think it should be possible to add support for the ER-12 and ER-12P based on what I learned while adding support for the ER-6P (see PR here) . If someone reading this thread has the device and is willing to test an experimental build of OpenWRT on it to confirm that all the ports work correctly, please let me know.

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Hey, I just tested your ER12 branch. Short summary of the situation:

  • The first 4 device ports (labeled 0, 1, 2, 3) aren't working yet, but 4-11 are.
  • Ports are completely out of order.
    • directly connected ports:
      • lan0 has device label 8
      • lan1 has device label 9
    • sfp ports are swapped:
      • lan10 has device label 11
      • lan11 has device label 10
    • switch ports
      • lan2-lan5 map to to labels 4-7
      • lan6-lan9 are missing
  • only sfp port 10 is reporting module infos. see see here

Also: If I remember correctly, the SoC connects via QSGMII to the QCA8511-AL1C, which in turn has 4 seperate connections to the 4 AR8033-AL1A PHYs connected to labels 0-3 (these don't work!) and another QSGMII connection to the Vitesse quad PHY for labels 4-7 (these work!).

I also took pictures of the board a while back:

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Hi @lemmi - are you able to make changes to the dts file for the ER-12 to rearrange the port assignments? Perhaps the suggestion in line 3 of the file might be helpful.


Yeah, reordering the working ports through the DTS is no problem and works. Here is a dump of u-boot with the output of mdio list and mii device:

OK, so is the issue that some of the ports are not yet working? From the image you shared it looks like there are 4 instances of the 8033 chip, whereas the dts files expect there to be one 8033, one 8504, and one 8514. Maybe try updating those to be 8033s? I'm not sure why there would be 4 of them. Sorry, I don't have the device to test, so these are just stabs in the dark.

The ports hanging of the vitesse chips are working. It's the ones hanging of the 8033 that aren't. I don't think I understand what changing the working ports to 8033 could help. To clarify a little how I think the components are connected, I made a short block diagram.

                             +-----------|           |--------+               
                             |+----------|    SOC    |-------+|               
                     QSGMII  ||+---------|           |------+||  QSGMII       
                             |||+--------|           |-----+|||               
                             ||||        +-----------+     ||||               
                             ||||                          ||||               
         +-----------------+----+------+                   ||||               
         |    +------------|    |-----+|                   ||||               
 4xSGMII |    |    +-------|8511|----+|| QSGMII            ||||               
         |    |    |    +--|    |---+|||                   ||||               
         |    |    |    |  +----+   ||||                   ||||               
         |    |    |    |           ||||                   ||||               
       8033 8033 8033 8033      +- VSC8514 -+         +-- VSC8504 --+         
         |    |    |    |       |   |   |   |         |    |   |    |         
         |    |    |    |       |   |   |   |         |    |   |    |         
         |    |    |    |       |   |   |   |         |    |   |    |         
       Port Port Port Port   Port Port Port Port   Port Port   Port Port      
          0    1    2    3      4    5    6    7      8    9     10   11      
                                                                SFP  SFP      

Sorry I am out of my depth here. Maybe there are some other devices with similar arrangements that could show how to set it up?

I'd love to see OpenWRT support for EdgeRouter ER-12 too. Their support is not what it used to be, no firmware updates in a while even though there are known issues, etc. OpenWRT would be great.

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Yeah, I wish I had a spare ER12 so I could help be a tester. Unfortunately we all WFH so I can't have my network be unstable.

Has anyone got a build working for the ER12?

I'd love to see OpenWrt on my ER12 as well. Ubiquity does not seem to be panning at implementing MAP-E support anytime soon...

Regardless, I can test images if there is any to