Help with getting a DTS file configure correctly please

This is what I need help with:


I have OpenWRT installed but all t he ports are wrong or just not working.

Here is the requested commands issued the their response:

Octeon ubnt_e300(ram)# mdio list
4 – Vitesse VSC8504 <--> octeth0
5 – Vitesse VSC8504 <--> octeth1
6 – Vitesse VSC8504 <--> octeth2
7 – Vitesse VSC8504 <--> octeth3
Octeon ubnt_e300(ram)# mii device
MII devices: 'mdio-octeon0' 'mdio-octeon1'
Current device: 'mdio-octeon0'

Also here is the forum where this was being discussed before:

Any help would be awesome, thank you so much