Support for ZTE MC801A

Hello dear developers,

I recently got my hands on a ZTE MC801A router. It is a quite powerful 5G LTE capable device and I would be nice if it was supported by OpenWRT.
Unfortunately I can’t write code but I’m willing to help to make it happen.

Qualcomm something ... can't make out the writing in the photos.

Snapdragon X55 modem, same as the Zyxel NR7101.

And what’s the SOC powering the router?

And the wifi and Ethernet chipsets?

No idea I don't own one

Sorry reply was intended for the thread starter

Unfortunately I can’t take it apart but it you know how to tell it without taking it apart it would be nice.

I did a quick search and in many sources the Qualcomm QCA6391 was mentioned.

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What's what the fccid pics were for, if you can make out the writing.